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February 2, 2010  |  Color Me Inspired

Today’s board is very special. One of my new dear friends and fellow wedding planners from MTH2010, Lauren Kelly, is working on an AMAZING resource for brides called Milk&Honey which is set to launch Valentine’s Day! Here is how she explains it on her twitter. Which by the way, you should definitely follow.

“A holistic online community for engaged couples. We house guidance geared to encourage, equip & inspire you to have a healthy relationship & live a well life.”

When I first heard about it, I couldn’t help but believe it would be nothing short of amazing and revolutionary. There are tons of sites, blogs (even mine) that focus on the wedding details. This will focus on (I’ll be blunt) the bigger aspects of our life. And how to spend your engagement not in a cloud of swatches and decor preparing for a day but preparing for a marriage as well.  Drop Lauren an e-mail if you have any ideas or any topics you’d like to see on the site at

So for our inspiration board, Lauren sent me her logo design and I designed based around the colors and feel. Which explains why there are a few more colors today. Choosing just three of them seemed a little one dimensional for this scope. Enjoy!!1. Ruffled Blog 2.&4. This is Glamorous 3. Gabrielle Kai 5. You and Your Wedding


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and constant support, Val. I treasure it so much.

  2. I am loving that dress. Wish I could get married again and wear it!


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