Almost Here

September 29, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

I’m thrilled to share with you on Monday our everyday collection of memo pads, stickies, calendar and more!

This August was about more than city hopping! My mission for the month was to create an everyday collection that was unique and purposeful. My inspiration began with the calendar. We’re constantly in a cycle of “I can’t till (insert marriage/babies/house/job).”  I wanted to create a calendar that reminded us of what’s special about this very moment and season.

While touring the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I found the print that I had fallen in love with my first summer in Philly, Pomegranate by William Morris. It served as the inspiration for the rest of the collection, along with one of the latest Anthropologie catalogs.

It all reminded me of grandmother’s vintage style and a simpler time.

Check back Monday for the launch of the 2012 Southern Life Collection along with a fun photo shoot with Catherine Guidry!

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