Inspiration :: Southern Style Crawfish Boil Shower

September 3, 2013  |  Inspiration

We’re just headed into the fall, but is it ever too early to start thinking about crawfish season? Any “true” Southerner would tell you “no y’all!!”

A crawfish boil is the perfect type of shower or party to throw when going for a more laid back atmosphere. Sucking heads and peeling tails isn’t exactly the idea of sophisticated.

As long as the crawfish are good, the beer is cold, and there’s plenty of paper towels and crackers for cleaning your hands, you can’t go wrong with a crawfish boil. But for those looking for a “different” take on the theme, here’s a little inspiration for you.

May I add that adding artichokes to the table scape – although completely useless – definitely elevates the level of sophistication! 🙂

And I would be completely amiss to not disclose that the last photo contains lobster and not crawfish, but it was too pretty to pass up. Make it happen with your crawdaddys, friends!

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