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August 4, 2010  |  Color Me Inspired

I got inspired by photo #2. It’s orange and brown done well for summer proving the palette isn’t limited to fall.  I remembered seeing a great shoot photographed by Millie Holloman‘s team that I thought would fit the theme well. When I found the post, I realized the original image was actually from that shoot! The details (by Salt Harbor) were too perfect  not to include, so this entire board is from the event. Enjoy!!

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  1. Hi, I’ve been stalking your blog for the last few months:) I’ve been trying to soak up every drop of inspiration to be had from your posts and advice. I live in Southern Indiana and am in the process of getting my own website up for my invitations and stationery and the weddings I’ve helped design for. Its really been great seeing you post your ideas and weddings. Its been a real encouragement. May I ask how you started? I work full time and would love to get enough clientele to go down to part time. I’ve done several weddings on the side and I have designed countless invitations, etc. so it would be so wonderful to start paying the bills doing what I love. Any real-life advice on what you did to jump into making a living doing what you love would be so much appreciated. Thanks for all the inspiring posts! – by the way I loved the book “Outliers” that you recommended – so interesting – read it in 3 days!

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