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March 23, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Tuesday’s post will be devoted to sharing with you about my experience as a new bride-to-be! In the few short weeks I have been engaged, I’ve already learned so much that may not have been part of my job description to tell, but will be helpful to brides none the less.

I have to say, I am so excited for the opportunity to get to plan my own wedding because it almost didn’t happen…

I will soon marry the most wonderful man I know on Sept 25, 2010. He is hilarious, driven and definitely an out of the box thinker. Before I tell you how Tyler proposed to me, I’ll tell you his ideas.

He knew he’d have a tough job trying to surprise me. I have a journalist’s heart: curious with LOTS of questions. So he came up with the mother of all surprises! Here’s the plan: he’d have someone contact me about planning their wedding. They would tell me they can’t be involved in the details but loved my style and would give me full reign to do what I would do for my own. When I would show up the morning of the wedding, I would find out…”SURPRISE, it’s our wedding day!!”

Although this is a super creative idea and would probably go off without a hitch in some romantic comedy, real life is a bit trickier. Who would my bridesmaids be? Who would be invited? Logistics? What about that toning up I planned to do once engaged? Or my ghost white skin?

My sister quickly listed several of these reasons, dashing his dreams of giving the GREAT PROPOSAL EVER!

So back to the drawing board for Tyler.

Ok. This is the idea! It’s perfect! We had planned to go see my FAVORITE band in concert. Tyler planned to make up a contest to basically get us both on stage to pop the question. He had an in with band manager and they agreed!! The plan was set.

While this was going on behind the scenes, I thought I had figured out exactly when would happen when he told me several days before this that he wanted to take a day trip to New Orleans…two Saturdays from now. Hmm…Tyler is not a planner. He’s spontaneous. On top of that, the day just happened to be a special date for the two of us. Eeek!! It was happening. Then the tears came. Thinking I had just ruined his proposal, I called him crying telling him I knew when it was happening and was sorry for spoiling everything. He told me not to worry, probably smiling.

It was the day before the concert and I got a call from my favorite venue, the one I said I’d love to get married at, that she had a bride that wanted to book me. She told me the bride was from out of town but would be there the next day for a meeting.

I got to my meeting the next day and she rushed me into the auditorium to meet the couple…and there was TYLER ON STAGE. My first thought was honestly, “What is Tyler doing at my meeting?” It didn’t register what he was doing until I saw the candles and he said “You here to plan a wedding?”

I walked down the aisle (that I will get to walk down on my wedding day too!) to meet him on stage and thought the whole time “soak this moment in.” (This is something I tell my brides on their wedding day.)

We spent the day calling or visiting family and friends to tell them the great news and headed to Baton Rouge for dinner with some of my closest friends before the concert.

The manager ended up emailing Tyler the Friday before to say it wouldn’t work out. I am so glad the way things ended up. I was completely surprised and loved sharing that intimate moment with him…and my sis and a camera.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Check Jason’s blog for more, including one super cute pic of my sister crying (she really loves me!!) And in case you didn’t know, I am not a cute-Meg Ryan type of crier. : )

Check back next Tuesday to find out what I’ve learned about bridesmaids, guest lists and perspective.


Proposal pictures by Jason Cohen; In Her Shoes photo by Courtney Dellafiora


  1. Awww love it Val!! I am SO happy for you. 🙂 xoxo

  2. I think my fave thing about getting engaged was also learning all the original proposal plans, and why they didn’t end up being that way. So excited to read all your future In Her Shoes posts!

  3. Ellen @ Amanda Rose Weddings

    I am SOOO happy for you! I loved the story, the pics, everything! Congrats and have fun planning the most important wedding of all!

  4. LOVE LOVE this post!!! So exciting!! Enjoy every minute of it girl! You deserve it!!!! 🙂


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