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July 13, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

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Well I don’t really know how to put this, wedding I’ve been waiting for my whole life, but I’m a bit tired of planning for you.

Maybe it’s because I work from 9-5 as a wedding planner and, unlike many brides in the early phases of planning, I’m not itching to get home and start wedding blog surfing after a day of crunching numbers or teaching students.

But the thing is, I don’t get burnt out planning weddings for my clients. I love my job so much so that it doesn’t always feel like work. For some reason, doing my own feels like the real work.

So I decided I would take my own advice and take a break from weddings, er…my wedding. (No worries, my lovely brides!) : )

I know simply saying “I won’t work on my wedding stuff” won’t cut it. I’ll get bored. And eventually start tacking a few projects.

So here’s what the next week will look like for me.

1. Write down everything that needs to get done, so it’s off my mind.

2. Alert all bridesmaids, family members about the bridecation so that it won’t be brought up in conversation. Seriously, how many convos have been completely centered on the wedding? If you’re like me? Lots. Everyone wants to hear about the planning. Mums the word just this week!!

3. Forego the wedding blogs (yep, I said it) and The Knot. This week if I get the urge, I’ll instead check out sites like New York Times, Food Network and my laundry list of books to learn more about current events, cooking and business. All things I am passionate about but lately, rarely make time for.

4. I may be getting in shape for the big “W” word but this week instead, I am focusing on my goal to run a 5K in a month or two, not looking great in my dress.

5. Lastly and probably most importantly, really make myself available to help others (i.e. my sister on a project for her house, my brother on lines for his play, my fiance on his weekly column in the paper). It’s easy to think “my life is SOO much busier than others because I’m planning a wedding.” False. It’s time for me to show it.

Now I will say I did have to do a little prepping to make this happen. I made a list of what was left to do and any time sensitive deadlines I took care of before. I seriously want to make this a completely wedding-free week so this prep time was important.

I thought about starting this yesterday but figured there may be other brides who’d like to participate! So let me know ladies (valerie (at) southernfete.com )  and we can start Friday and keep up with each other this week!

Former brides, let us know your tips for avoiding burnout!

And I promise, next weeks post will be all glittering with positivity about wedding planning! : )

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  1. enjoy it! i went on bridecation a few weeks back and it totally re-energized me 🙂 although, i may be ready for another one…

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