If the shoe fits …

February 14, 2013  |  Highlights, Southern Fete News  | 

Bridal shoes, bridesmaid shoes

The saying goes, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” So, I’m officially wearing it!

I couldn’t be more excited to start my journey as the new owner of Southern Fete. I am so blessed that Valerie established such a recognized brand across the state and delivered the ultimate “Southern Fete” experience to so many brides. She will continue to be a valued mentor, and I am honored that she trusted me to continue the Southern Fete legacy.

There’s no doubt that being a wedding coordinator is hard work, but there are so many moments along the way that make it all worth it. Taking the burden off the bride so that she (and let’s be honest – everyone else) can fully enjoy her day is what I’m here to do.

With every new journey comes challenges, but I couldn’t be more ready to see what’s ahead of me!


Photos by Catherine Guidry Photography



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