I love paper products more than Dwight Shrute

May 8, 2009  |  Southern Fete News

News1_0One of my favorite parts of weddings is working on the stationary. I mentioned a while back I had been working on several different invitations, programs, etc. It’s time to reveal some. For Tiffany’s wedding (wedding day pics to come!!) I created several different things.  1. Save the Dates: Tiffany wanted something informal and fun. Her wedding colors were red and gray with black as the accent. The black envelopes were a fun touch! We addressed them with a silver pen. It looked so clean and modern. 2. For the invitations we went for a pretty traditional design but chose the trendy tall invites. Check out the flap on the envelope. They were gorgeous. 3. Tiffany’s grandmother hosted a tea shower. We incorporated a fresh take on teapots. 4. There was not going to be any cheesy bachelorette party theme invitation sent out for Tiffany. She’s just not that sort of girl. instead I designed something funky and abstract. 5. There is a big trend right now of incorporating shapes similar to this in design, but I wanted to put a twist on it. We added texture and color and a little more detail to the frame. 6. The ceremony was to take place in a church, so we kept them formal. The circle design with their monogram was also carried over to the cover of their c.d. favors. More designs to come! Enjoy!!!


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