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April 10, 2013  |  Wedding Tips

We, as vendors, know that we won’t be the perfect fit for all couples. And, that’s OK. As important as it is for the bride (or couple) to feel that she “fits” with a wedding planner, photographer, officiant, etc. it’s equally important for us to feel as though we can deliver on your expectations and work well together throughout the process.

I’ll cut to the chase.

You may meet with many, many vendors before you find the perfect planner, florist, photographer etc. You may not think much of it, but taking the time to send the ones you don’t end up choosing an email saying that you’ve chosen to go another direction is so very much appreciated.

You won’t hurt our feelings; we truly want what’s best for you. I remember laboring over these emails when we were getting married. I remember my MOH telling me it was OK – to press send on the short note thanking them for their time  but  explaining that we had chosen to go in another direction.

You don’t have to go into significant detail as to why you’ve chosen someone else, but if you’d like to include the reason (experience, price, etc.) that’s great too.

I know you have plenty of other details to worry about, so even using the same email for multiple vendors would be OK (and we’d probably never know!)

I think I’ll speak on behalf of many vendors when I say – thank you, thank you in advance.


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