Highlights :: February

March 1, 2012  |  Highlights

Time seems to fly by these days. I thought I’d start chronicling little highlights from the past month and remind myself of things I’m grateful for. It’s so easy to blaze through life and forget! To be honest, when I first tried to think of what happened this month, it seemed pretty average. Taking a few minutes to think reminded me of the exciting moments! Sooo here goes! Enjoy!!

Launched my personal project Val & Words. Just added four more books today!

Showered one of my very best friends Jenny with a baby shower for Judah Lee.

Received Best of Weddings for Events and Invitations!!

Celebrated Valentine’s Day with my love.

Started running again.

Saw the biggest ranunculus I’ve ever seen.

Watched/helped one of my closest cousins get married!

And a few things I’m looking forward to in March!

1. Putting on 4 amazing weddings and 1 beautiful bridal shower.

2. Practicing ballet for exercise.

3. Spending time with my BF who’s coming in from Cali.

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