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February 1, 2012  |  Wedding Tips  | 

This post is long overdue! I’ve had brides tell me they got ulcers or shingles, gained or lost a tremendous about of weight while planning their wedding. Most cases had other significant stressers happening at the time, like school or family issues but it still got me thinking how important it is to stay healthy throughout the planning process. Our gut reaction is to devote everything we have to the issues in our life and neglect our health but taking care of ourselves will make more difference than we think!

Here are a few tips to get you back on your A-game!


Not only for the obvious health benefits of staying in shape. Exercise also keep your moods lifted through extra stressful times. Nothing like a run to take our minds off that darn family member that we just can’t make happy. And, it gives you more energy. Your lives are busy enough. Cramming wedding planning in can be exhausting. Exercising as a form of getting MORE energy always seemed counter-intuitive. But every morning I workout, I’m amazed at how much energy I have for the rest of the day. 30 minutes of running for a full day of feeling good? I’ll take it! My head knows it but this is one I really struggle with. It always SEEMS more productive to get a head start on emails instead of workout but I’m reminding myself, right here, of the benefits of exercise.


This is a biggie I’ve been getting into lately! When I journal, I write whatever is in my brain. It’s not even always actual sentences. What comes out may be the problems I’m trying to sort through or stresses I’m facing. I’ve had so many instances where I’ll be writing out a problem and I’ll literally write the answer immediately after finishing that sentence. Simply taking the time to push those thoughts from being subconsciously buried in our minds (those are the thoughts that come back to us in the middle of the night, by the way) to the front of our mind allows us to think of a solution for it. Try this! You’ll be amazed at the insight you’ll gain.


Like I said, you are super busy! It can seem like the only way to get things done is to stay up till dawn. Avoid it at all costs unless you plan on sleeping in the next morning. Sleep deprivation causes us to be cranky or foggy when we do it for long periods of time.  Decisions me make when half impaired don’t ever have the results possible from a good night’s sleep. Have trouble following asleep? Right down everything racing through your mind and put a sound machine on! I LOVE my sound machine, y’all! It’s mostly to drown out the husband’s snoring : ) but I’ve found I sleep so much deeper and fall asleep quicker with it. The other night I stayed up thinking of a million different things and didn’t know why. I usually don’t do that. Then I realized, my sound machine wasn’t on.


Ok so in your case, you really can’t get everything done in a day unless you stay up till dawn. Start learning how to say no to things. I’m reading a book called Organized Simplicity and it reiterated this idea. Keeping your day with minimal scheduled items will free you up for a post-dinner coffee date with your friend who always encourages you or a laid-back evening with your fiancé. Remember past instances where you’ve committed to something you weren’t sure about and how it played out. Did you not want to go 10 minutes before? Playing the scenario out and knowing how you’d respond may help give you the courage to say no.


This is tough for me! I love healthy foods and am good a lot of the time but when I eat sweets or fried food, I DON’T MESS AROUND! ; ) For me, the easiest way to eat clean is to have a cheat day on Saturdays where I’m able to eat whatever I want.  Knowing that I have that on the horizon, helps me say no to other things. I read several experts say cheating one day a week is actually good to keep our metabolism going. Otherwise our body goes into store mode when we stay on intense diets. There are several documentaries I’ve been watching that talk about all the affects of a healthy diet on our body. One of my favorites lately has been “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

What do you do to stay healthy during stressful seasons?


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