Guest Post: Day-After Sessions

August 9, 2010  |  Wedding Tips

We have a special guest post today by the lovely Ashleigh Jayne, a Baton Rouge photographer. When Ashleigh asked if she could share about day-after sessions, I was thrilled. We  wedding planners may know about a lot of different aspects of the wedding, but I love getting other vendors perspective on their own industry. So if you’ve ever wondered about or considered ( I know I am) a day-after session, here’s Ashleigh to share more about it!


Just imagine the relief you feel after the “happiest day of your life” is finally over. You and your new husband have just made it to the hotel, and plopped down on the bed for that much-need sigh of relief. You’re finally alone together, but all you want to do is snooze. The ceremony and reception are a blur. But at least the pictures will jog your memory, right?

And they do. You flip through shots of the ceremony, the bridal party, the family, the cake, and even the crazy uncle spilling his punch all over the dance floor. You don’t even remember inviting him. But finding the perfect pose of the two of you is hard, and you already have the perfect frame.

This one would be perfect, except the flower girl is standing right in front of your dress! Maybe she can be Photoshopped out. But there’s nothing you can do about it now. After all, you can’t go back in time.

Or can you? Maybe you need a “Day After” session, an increasingly-popular way to add the exclamation mark to your matrimony!

Since most weddings are on a strict time schedule, it’s challenging to capture artistic photos of you and your hubby-to-be on the big day (unless you choose to break from tradition and see each other before the ceremony). This reason alone is enough to invest in a “Day After” session.

Did your engagement session get permanently reschedle because of dark storm clouds? What about your bridal portrait? Did you pass on that perfect spot because you didn’t want to drag your dress in the mud? Then a “Day After” is what you need! Think of it as a bridal and engagement session wrapped into one.

And a “Day After” session doesn’t even have to take place the day AFTER. Maybe you have an early flight, and need to schedule a time after your honeymoon. It’s also a great way to celebrate your anniversary!

‘Day After” sessions allow you to take control of your moments. Create memories on your terms.  No stress.

Just you, your hubby, and an opportunity to make something that you will remember.

Not just in a few months, but forever.

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