Flora Collection

March 2, 2010  |  Southern Fete News

I want to introduce you to what I have been working on the last couple of months. When I was coming up with this collection, I wanted variety. Something that could fit any bride’s taste, from simple to modern, minimal to colorful. And of course, all within a modest budget!

First up, our Flora Collection! These designs are loosely inspired by nature: vines, trees, flowers and even bird’s nests. We’ve kept some pretty abstract and some quite literal. Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!! Enjoy!


Nest: The Knot, Forest: Grey Camera, Magnolia: Geitgey and Vines: Chicago Illinois Wedding Photography


  1. I love the first one, the vineyard suite! Totally my style. Needed that 7 months ago for my wedding! 🙂

  2. Love them all, especially Evergreen & Magnolia. Can’t wait to see the other collections!

  3. Of course the first one 😉

  4. LOVE evergreen and nest!! 🙂

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