Engagement Pics

Engagement Pics

April 20, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

I am sure it hasn’t helped that I am in the middle of the busiest month I’ve ever had since starting Southern Fete but this whole engagement picture thing has got me going crazy. I see hundreds of engagement sessions from all over that keep me from settling on the tried and true outfit, location, etc.

Nope, Tyler and I have one go around at this and I’d like to make it special. Our goal was to capture our silly side and the best parts we bring out in each other. At least once a week I say to him when we are in the middle of a laughing fit “We have fun together!!” in this silly voice.

I feel lucky that our time is so full of fun and laughter that I’d love for that to come across in photos. With a few other factors thrown in.

Could we please take them somewhere that showcases who we are (i.e. where we met, favorite outing) and can it be over the top beautiful (i.e. the French countryside  or Spain, I am pretty jealous of you, too, California)? The pickins are slim here in Louisiana. Don’t get me wrong, as you can see from these fantastic engagement photos by Mark Eric, there are beautiful places to shoot in Louisiana. You just have to do a little more hunting. : )

So that’s what we did. Well today is the day for our engagement session. Can’t wait to show you what we came up with. Did I mention Mark will be shooting our engagements along withJason Cohen?? I am giddy just thinking about what kind of goodness they’ll whip up.

P.S. If you are trying to figure out what to do for your engagement shoot, check out Mark’s post here on picking locations, clothes and of course your photographer.


  1. Try to come to Ohio if you think Louisiana has no where to shoot! 😉 I’ve been itching to get a bride down there to take her to all the places I know about and see! Luckily Mark is awesome and he goes to some great spots to help ease the pain, lol.

    Love love love that last image! Hope it went well for you, can’t wait to see!

  2. Oh yes! He is amazing! I can’t wait to see them either. ; )

  3. YES! Photos that don’t show your personality somehow aren’t really of *you*! I think my senior photos say “i like hay and fake soda fountains.” Definitely wouldn’t make that mistake twice…especially not on engagement or wedding photos!

    Mark Eric rocks btw, wow! Good choice!

  4. I love Mark Eric and his wife Heather’s work!! Can’t wait to have a shoot with them soon. Awesome people too. 🙂

  5. I love Mark’s work! He made our photo shoot so much fun! He is AMAZING!

  6. Come to California and plan my wedding and you can take all the engagement pictures you want! 🙂 They don’t make wedding planners like you out here – so I’m jealous of Louisiana! Keep up the good work, you are amazing!!

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