Elite City Flair

Elite City Flair

January 27, 2010  |  In Her Shoebox  | 

Lauren Kelly, the creative director and owner of Lauren Kelly Events, has a passion for creating events that capture your heart and take you on a journey.  She started her career in Los Angeles, California and although she now resides where her family roots grow deep (Texas), she always loves to incorporate her west coast flair.  Lauren married her high school sweetheart in an outdoor garden celebration this past July full of family, flowers, a Frank Sinatra impersonator and SWEETS!  She is now located in Waco, Texas where she and her team bring your visions to life in a whimsical way that will ensure your stress level stays low and your excitement is ever present.


Although my husband and I had a wonderful Southern plantation garden wedding, I have a piece of me that is still a city girl.  This boards embraces femininity without being girly which is so important to that burly husband of mine.  While I know my love wouldn’t be caught dead in coat tails, I can’t help but picture this wedding taking place in the high society realm deep in the evening with black baby grands, bowties and city views galore!


This board exudes high fashion and timeless elegance while playing up drastic contrast and couture mentality.  Black and pink, when done well, has a certain old world mystique to it.  You should never be afraid to touch on some of the older ideals of weddings – dare to be old world traditional with a twist of modern design.  Lace gloves, in black.  Fur coats, in pink.  And sleek black vases overflowing with soft blooms.  If I were to do-over my wedding I would opt for city lights over Southern Charm… Just this once.  Because nothing feels better than dressing up for a fancy party!


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  1. This is a great board that is unique, different, but do-able! Great job for thinking a little out of the box and bringing in style, simplicity, and elegance! Love it Lauren!

  2. This board is awesome Lauren! It’s that glam factor, but it can be done anywhere brides are. This kind of elegance and design will never go out of style.


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