Dropping the Pizza

October 11, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

It’s pretty stereotypical that a new wife cries when she burns her first meal. Well while Tyler and I were working on the apartment the week before the wedding, I dropped the frozen pizza on the oven door. This was right after I had picked off every pepperoni and created a carefully constructed grid so that the pizza cutter would not have to destroy said pepperonis. I was pretty proud of myself for it too.

As the story is written, I cried. Why you ask? Because I have been dreaming of being the perfect wife. Part of that meant creating the perfect 4 course meal, or at the very least, not dropping a frozen pizza. That triggered in me thoughts that obviously aren’t true. I won’t fail as a wife just because I mess up a meal.

You will burn your casserole. You will wash your husbands wallet in the washing machine. You will forget to send out those Christmas cards to wanted to send. It’s OK!

If you’re engaged right now, you’re learning that things won’t go exactly as planned for your wedding. Learn the lesson now and you could reap the benefits in married life. It’s a lesson that stays the same.

We can’t love others until we love ourself. In my bible study someone made the point that when they are hard on themselves, their attitudes toward others is equally hard. Give yourself grace to forego that super time-consuming DIY project. Forgiving your florist for the wrong shade pink peonies will be even easier.

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  1. I love this. So simple, but so true. You’re so wise, new wifey! 🙂

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