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August 6, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

…even if it’s ugly.

I have a few elements in my wedding that I was reconsidering because they are becoming pretty popular. I thought “Wait a second! This is important to me and Tyler. Not just a fad.”

Maybe some of you brides are in the same boat. If candy buffets were so last year but you LOVE candy AND buffets, then have a candy buffet. Don’t be afraid of not being trendy.

I have a bride who told me when we checked out a venue “It’s not ugly enough.” Her day-to-day style is eclectic, casual and offbeat. She doesn’t want “pretty” because it doesn’t fit. She wants real, comfortable and even a little messy. And I couldn’t be happier to create it!

You know what’s actually going out of style?? Trends. And not in that “I want to be different because it’s cool” sort of way, which actually became a pretty popular trend. I’m talking about a full-fledged “We’re into Elvis so we want an Elvis impersonator. What? That’s not trendy?? That’s OK with me!!”

If you do something with meaning personalized for y’all:

1. No one can argue you copied.

2. No one can say it’s outdated.

3. No one can think it’s too trendy or “not you.”

Before you look at any more inspiration, take a minute think about a few things:

What are your (meaning couple) favorite things to do together? Travel, cook, read, try adventurous things, live a green lifestyle.

What’s the proposal story?

How did y’all meet?  Met at a comedy show like me and Tyler? Incorporate old knock knock jokes on stationery pieces.

What is your heritage?

Where is your favorite travel spot?

I had a bride walk into my office yesterday with a completely unique vision. She had no pictures to show because it’s not all over the blogs, it’s personal to her. And I fell in love with it.

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