Cupcakes and Calligraphy

March 12, 2014  |  Personal, Southern Fete News

I have always admired beautiful handwriting, even more so calligraphy. I love to follow calligraphers and hand-letterers on IG and – secretly – I knew I was going to be a decent one myself. I mean, how hard could it be?


While Saturday’s Cupcakes and Calligraphy class, hosted by Margaret of Proper Prints, was beautifully decorated in one of my most favorite local places, my calligraphy was anything but something a logical human being would pay for.

When looking through the amazing M Design Photography (not to worry. I’ve already booked her for all of my future children) photos from class, I decided the pics speak for themselves … with a little commentary a la Pioneer Woman.

Buckle Up.


This isn’t one of M Design Photography’s photos … It’s fuzzy and has the first filter I clicked on in IG. She wouldn’t approve.


See I told you the setup was precious.


Thank the heavens I sat next to Kim. Who knows what she said to make us all laugh, but I’m sure it was amazing. Class clown? Miss Congeniality? She wins.


Let me tell you what Margaret is thinking here: “Oh man, should I even stop to help her?”


The answer. Yes. Pull a seat Margaret. Make yourself at home. You’ll be here a while.


What? We should be practicing our snakes? Well, I broke my nib … and we’re only 15 minutes in.


And Rita, who has perfect hair. And calligraphy. And will be taking the next advanced class. She’s my friend.


All jokes aside, it was such a fun Saturday. I loved the group of girls in the inaugural Cupcakes and Calligraphy class, and I’m excited to have all of the tools I need to keep practicing. Patience isn’t one of my best virtues, and I think calligraphy will be the perfect activity to help teach me this.

I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun if it wasn’t for these ladies and pictures Michelle captured and shared.

And, practice makes perfect right? At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.


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