Crossing Things Off The List

Crossing Things Off The List

December 20, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

Let’s get back to basics, shall we? The main goal when trying to plan your wedding day logistics, is checking things off your master list. When you first start planning, things may seem to multiply faster than you can check things off. I’ve got a few simple tips that will help to do that!

1. MAKE DECISIONS – I’ve said it before, when you meet with vendors, make decisions. The more time that lapses between that initial meeting and information gathering, the harder decisions seem to become and the harder it is for both parties to be completely on the same page as some details may become fuzzy on either end. Also, when you approach vendors with your original ideas or vision, in that meeting they can discuss with you if it will work or how it will work. If bride and groom come up with ideas a few weeks later they’d like instead (and have somewhat made their mind in having) when that information is shared with the vendor, there may be logistical issues that make it not so easy or even impossible. This always leads to more frustrations and steps to try to make it work. Making decisions face-to-face with the vendor that will be executing is ideal and will present the best results!

2. STOP LOOKING – The more you continue to look, the more ideas you may have, the less satisfied you will be with the original plan, the more you will worry things aren’t as good as they can be and so on. I have always told brides, it doesn’t matter if you plan for two years or three months, you will use the entire time. It’s like in school, whether you had two weeks or a semester to write paper you never finished until the last moment. Weddings are like that, too. If you can stop looking, you give yourself more of a chance of finishing up planning early.

3, KEEP A TIGHT PERIMETER – Have a few select people that are a part of the decision-making process. The more people that need to be consulted, the longer it takes to line things up. So and so is out of town for a week so you’ll have to wait till they get back to have their opinion. But it just so happens, opinion person 1 and opinion person 9 have the opposite tastes and will never find a common ground.

I know it’s so easy for some items to stay on our to-do list for MONTHS! I hope these tips help get you one step closer to your wedding day.

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