City Club Bridal Show

February 16, 2011  |  Southern Fete News

I’m off for the next few days but before I go, I wanted to share a bit about the bridal show we did last week! The turnout was absolutely amazing for the first held at City Club.

Much thanks to Cat Guidry for sharing these images with me!

Our booth was a bit of an overload. We’ve added several new offerings so we had so much to share with brides and a short time to do so with each!

Our Stationery strung on a set of old vintage doors, a few items from our Southern Life that we thought were great for the new wife or for bridesmaids gifts, wedding books of our Event Planning, florals and decor featuring our Rentals, Info on our new bridal workshop Fete Connection and corkboard filled with inspiration boards from The Wedding Shoebox.

I could not do my job without Natalie! She is literally my double when I can’t be everywhere at once!

Love these people! Hannah Trahan, the private events coordinator at City Club and host for the bridal show, photographer Cat Guidry, Natalie and photographer Jason Cohen

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  1. A friend of mine attended the bridal show and had nothing but wonderful things to say about you! And P.S. Your handout was beautiful!!

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