August 31, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

A week and a half ago was my big bridal shower. Today I wanted to share some pics and some thoughts on the whole thing. The shower was hosted by my sister and two friends I have gone to school with from 3-12 grade along with their moms. Thank you again Mrs. Sandra and Mrs. Sharon, Elizabeth, Tiffany and Nan!!

The second I got there I was blown away! My sister was going to take me around and show me the concept and she literally teared up the second she started talking. Cue waterworks again. (For you Brian) I’ve been doing that a lot lately!

Anyway the concept was “Making Memories.” They even picked one of my favorite color palettes yellow and grey. In the invitations, each guest received a card that asked them to send in their favorite memory of me and said person. I loved how they followed the frame theme. One of my best  friends and bridesmaids Jenny designed them. She also designs invites and baby announcements. Check out her work here!

Walking through the house seeing dozens of pictures with memories was overwhelming! PS Natalie came up with that idea all on her own! She is quite the event planner. ; )

After I opened a mountain of generosity…

…with my sweet flower girl Grace by my side…

We even got an amazing quilt from Tyler’s grandmother…

…I thanked everyone for coming and told them something along the lines of this: I’ve been in a lot of weddings and seen a lot of weddings with my job. I am always so amazed at the outpouring of support each couple gets.

It’s truly overwhelming to experience it now. I know me and Tyler are so blessed to have two families and so many friends that love and are so excited to see us come together.

Tyler got there just in time to help pack up the presents!

So why am I telling you all this? Because brides, this is the fun part! This is why you worked so hard on the planning, even the little details. To celebrate. So enjoy the celebration. This Saturday I am leaving for my bachelorette trip to the beach. I am thrilled to get to enjoy 4 days with my closest friends. I’m also a little nervous I won’t be able to let go of the nagging feeling I should be working. I am just going to have to keep reminding myself this happens ONCE and I don’t want to miss a second of it!

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