Mega Post 2010: What's New?

December 30, 2009  |  Southern Fete News  |  3 Comments

After over a year of business, I’ve learned a lot. For starters, the difference between a wedding planner and coordinator. A planner is someone who walks someone through the process and develops a visual plan as well as logistical plan. A coordinator tends to be the hands that put together a predetermined vision. And as I said in the previous post, I have begun to focus my vision for Southern Fete to fit the niche that I think the Lafayette market needs. Although we will still offer the day-of services, our full-service package will cater more towards brides who are looking for creative guidance. Honestly, I have tons of ideas that I would hate to go untapped because I am simply coordinating weddings every weekend. Though the South tends to be more traditional, I strongly believe there are many brides out there looking for something different. And I would love to be the one to create it!

Sooo…what’s our niche?

I have been super inspired by the Robert Best Barbie illustrations so I will let them help me tell you!

Mega Post 2010: Making Things Happen

December 29, 2009  |  Southern Fete News  |  4 Comments

I had the privilege of attending Lara Casey’s very first Making Things Happen workshop in Watercolor, Florida. Lara’s story is amazing. Through her journey, she has started her own highly successful event planning business Bliss Event Group, started Southern Weddings Magazine (which has propelled this industry forward in the right direction) and in the last year started Lara Casey Reps, representing wedding photographers and planners to help their businesses grow. All while facing challenges without fear, successes with humility and glorifying God in the process.

Although I had spent the last month really reflecting on my business, I was challenged to really take next year to the next level. For me that meant a few things: focusing Southern Fete where it needed to go (more on this to come), changing up my branding slightly to fit that focus, tapping into my creativity like never before and frankly just making all of this actually happen instead of just talking about it.

I made 5 goals for next year. One of which I am terrified of. Three I am fired up to begin tackling. One that I am not sure that I am capable to do. But five, that by this time next year, I can say have been completed!

One thing Lara told us to do when we got home was to get together 10 images (oops! mine is 9!) representing what we wanted our business to be like in 2010. I had a time trying to incorporate 2 (possibly 3) business visions in one board so this in many ways represents everything I want to accomplish in 2010.

What could these pretty pictures possibly have to do with goals? Here are a few:
– Couple in the boat with the groom throwing his hands up: putting this year in God’s hands no matter what.
– The ferris wheel: feeling fear and doing it anyway.
– My office: this office represents my style and personality. In 2010, I want to make sure to protect that.
– Bedroom: keep life  balanced. Work hard, but make time to rest.

So, as Lara would say, how about we “get excited and make [this year] happen?”

Mega Post 2010: Year in Review

December 28, 2009  |  Southern Fete News  |  1 Comment

What a wonderful year 2009 has been! Words can’t express how blessed I am to have been a part of so many brides and grooms lives. When I set out on this venture around a year and a half ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I might work part time for a while and in a few years be able to make it a full time job. Your overwhelming response propelled me far beyond my expectations. I am lucky to get to go to a job that I love everyday. Even on my hardest days I remember what I could be doing if it wasn’t this and I know I am so fortunate. I am thrilled to share with you all the exciting things coming up for Southern Fete. So here begins my 6-part mega post!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the year. Please check out the real weddings posts to see all the amazing couples and photographers Southern Fete has been honored to work with this year! Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2009  |  Southern Fete News  |  No Comments

I am off to finish some last minute shopping! Get ready for some pretty exciting posts next week!! We’ll look at the past year and talk about what’s to come. Enjoy!!

Thank you Natalie!

December 18, 2009  |  Southern Fete News  |  No Comments

There is one person who I have literally known my entire life, including the womb. She supports me, gives me ideas, lets me bounce my crazy ideas off her, reigns me in when I need it and cheers me on! She assists me on wedding days and does a phenomenal job. Thanks for everything you have done, Nan!

Photo by Travis from Zoom Photo Studio

Sadie + Jordy: Engagements

December 14, 2009  |  Southern Fete News  |  1 Comment

Next June I will be coordinating “day of” for Sadie and Jordy’s wedding! They are such a sweet couple and this girl is really organized. I cannot wait to see everything she plans for the big day. We also designed some save the dates and engagement party invites for them. (Which I will show you ladies soon!) But now, here are some “fantastic” engagement photos by Jason Cohen. (Fun fact: Jason really likes to use the word fantastic!) Enjoy!!