The Stals :: Amy and Ian

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I have debated even including any text with this post since you’ll likely find the photos Erin and Geoffrey captured as breathtaking as I did, but I think it would be unfair since Amy and Ian are equally as amazing.

When Amy was picking dates for their wedding, I was unavailable for her first choice and sad about it. After giving her recommendations for other planners, I remember getting a call from her saying, “If we change the date to May 19, are you available then?”
I’m sorry – did a bride just change the date because she wanted to work with me? #blushing! Amy and Ian chose to marry in Louisiana so that another very important man in her life – her grandfather – would be able to attend. Unfortunately, he went to his new home in Heaven a few short weeks before the wedding, but he was certainly present on the wedding day in so many ways.
These two are the perfect example of what magic can happen when you trust your vendors to do their thing – without hesitation or micromanaging. Their wedding turned out to be a magical, wonderful, memorable, and super sweet day. Take a look …
 Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Bridesmaids
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Wedding Cake
Amy and Ian – I’m so glad that you chose Southern Fete to be part of such a special day. You undoubtedly trusted and valued all of the advice we sent your way, and for that I am forever grateful. We couldn’t have imagined your wedding to turn out any more beautiful than it did, and we hope that you will always remember just how special it was. You both are like family – my New Jersey/Florida family – and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.
Photography :: Erin and Geoffrey
Florist :: Root Floral
DJ :: Aaron Lane Entertainment
Cajun Band :: T’Monde
Bride’s Cake :: Crystal Weddings
Groom’s Cake :: Sky’s the Limit
Videographer :: 63 Films
Caterer :: Chef Bobby and Dot
Calligraphy :: St. Blanc Calligraphy

The Lafleurs :: Kim and Ross

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I remember the first time I read Kim’s inquiry email like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my car checking emails after lunch with a prospective bride when I saw the subject line “There’s a ring on my finger: And then you lose sleep edition.” My eyes went straight to the line – in all caps – “HIRE CASSIE.  DO IT NOW.  DON’T LOOK BACK.” A little piece of advice she got from a past Southern Fete Bride. I laughed out loud before I could finish the email, and I haven’t stopped laughing since.

There’s SO much to say – and love – about Kim and Ross. They are the most kind-hearted, sweet people who truly have a passion for keeping it local. You know you’ve struck gold when you have to convince the bride to NOT have a table at the wedding with her vendors business cards (that’s not a lie!). Why exactly do they love locals so much? Well, they’re two small town entrepreneurs themselves. Kim is a successful real estate agent who recently moved back from the Woodlands and Ross manages the online portion of his family business – Kary’s Roux (and Pig Stand BBQ Sauce and Queen Bee seasoning and more!)

As if I needed to love these two even more, they were dead set on a tent wedding on the lawn of Ross’ parents house. My little heart jumped for joy. They embraced so many Southern traditions and touches – burying of the Bourbon, bananas foster bar, magnolia leaves everywhere, – but most of all they extended the most sincere form of Southern hospitality to each and every one of their guests. Their special day turned out to be perfect – despite a week full of rain – and the pictures Catherine Guidry captured tell the perfect story. I’ll leave you to it …



Ummm … when you own a house with a porch like this, it’s imperative you take as many photos as you can on it! I’m not sure I could ever leave it!






This group of guys was a complete hoot. We LOVE a little wedding day humor.


If I haven’t sung Styled. by Michelle Judice’s praises enough, here’s another reason you should have her present on your wedding day. Photo perfection.

Why only have one color koozie when you could have 4?!?!


Can we just take a moment? Perfect calligraphy by St. Blanc Calligraphy (and superstar SF alum), Audubon envelope liners, gold edged invite … swoon!











If you’ve made it to the end of this post, you’re really in for a treat. I thought Kim’s inquiry email was the bees knees, but turns out she had more from where that came from. Here’s a taste of the one that took the cake …

“Subject :: You Brought Your A Game

HOLY CRAP.  Hands down the BEST money spent was on your team.  If anything went wrong, we don’t have a clue. … We are happy to be a part of the Southern Fete family!”

Kim and Ross – I’ve tried to to think of the perfect roux/Queen Bee/Pig Stand analogy, but I’m not sure there’s one quite fitting for the love we have for both of you. You laughed with us. You (pretty much) gave all control to us. But most importantly, you sat back and enjoyed one of the most special days in your lives because you whole heartedly trusted us to make it happen. The SF family is definitely a little more complete with you in it.


Photographer :: Catherine Guidry Photography

Caterer :: Beau Soleil

Stylist :: Styled. by Michelle Judice

Cake :: Sugar Belle by Elise

Florist :: Flowers by Rodney

Band :: Bottoms Up

Rentals :: Party Central

Live Artist :: Kali Babineaux

Paper and Koozies :: Inkling Design Studio

Hair and Makeup :: Sara Buteaux

The Levines :: Lindsay and John

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Lindsay & John’s wedding was one for the Second Line record books. As a couple, they wanted their wedding day to feel relaxed, easy and fun – surrounding themselves with friends and family whom they love. Lindsay made sure each detail had a purpose. With a future husband with the title of Captain, they decided that there was no other place to tie the knot than overlooking the Crescent City. The couple even exchanged personal vows in front of their minister after their first look – swoon!

Now most of the time, we only communicate with the couple and immediate family during the planning process, but this was an exception. Southern Fete extended its’ arms and took on a whole new outlook on bridal friends. You think we’re joking – this couple had a certified crew that went above and beyond to make Lindsay & John’s day extra special. Surprise second line and live artist, custom hankies …and wait for it … an after party at Cat’s Meow! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of their tribe?!

wedding (127 of 1160)

wedding (282 of 1160)

Can you even handle the cuteness of this cake? The couples dogs definitely stole the show here!

wedding (319 of 1160)

wedding (327 of 1160)

wedding (331 of 1160)

wedding (431 of 1160)

wedding (645 of 1160)
wedding (681 of 1160)

wedding (763 of 1160)

wedding (793 of 1160)
wedding (860 of 1160)
wedding (880 of 1160)

wedding (1124 of 1160)

wedding (1122 of 1160)

Lindsay and John – Love in New Orleans is something that’s really special.  Your love embodies the feel that is truly New Orleans – relaxed, fun and full of passion. With such great ties to the Mississippi, we are so glad you were let us into your knot. Let us know when applications open up to join your crew … we can dibs!


Venue :: Riverview Room

Photographer :: Hannah Mulligan Photography

Cakes :: Baking on the Bayou

Florist :: Keeth Buckley

Photo Booth :: Ohh Snap Photo Booth

Live Painter :: Christopher Turner

Makeup :: Beauty by Victoria

Hair :: Allyson Barbay, Rachel Kaufmann

Second Lind Band :: Pinstripe

Band :: Phat Hat

The Salooms :: Angelle and Thomas

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There are so many things that stood out to me about Angelle and Thomas, but the one I heard over and over again was “We’re just ready to be married.” It’s so easy to get lost in the details and (dare I say) drama of weddings, but Angelle and Thomas stayed true to course and never lost site of the end goal … to marry their best friends.

I’ve said it before, but there’s something about working with former classmates that makes this process so special. While Angelle and I didn’t graduate in the same year, once she found out my maiden name, she knew who I was. She knew my type-A personality and my no nonsense approach to getting things done. More importantly, she appreciated these traits. Knowing that I would most likely have BCT IV before their wedding, I tried to emotionally prepare myself for missing out on a day I knew would be one for the record books. Thanks to Harley and Morgan, I received the sweetest sneak peaks throughout the day and the photos from Jay Faugot are – as always – amazingly captured.
Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Wedding Dress, skinny wedding dress
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; bride; bride and flower girl
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; flower girls, flower girls and groom
The bride’s nieces made for the perfect flower girl brigade!
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; florals; rosary, mother and bride
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; ring bearers
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; wedding cake
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; groom's cake; brownie bar
The brownie bar…amazing!
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; flower girls
Southern Fete; Southern Wedding; bride and groom; first dance
Angelle and Thomas (and Mrs. Tana!) – Thank you so much for putting such a special day in our hands. From the very beginning, you trusted my every recommendation and valued my input on everything from flowers to ribbon wand selection to music. But more than that, you never doubted that I could make your dream of “just getting married” a reality and a day you won’t soon forget. You became more like family to me than clients. You are loved by so many – including me – and I know that there’s so many sweet and precious memories in your future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Schmids :: Taryn and Matthew

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I’ve known from Taryn since high school and honestly didn’t think she could become and sweeter or kinder … but she has. When she called me to meet with her and Matthew about their wedding, I was over the moon. The day I had to call her to tell her I wouldn’t be at her wedding because I was due with Neil that week, I was heartbroken. She handled the news with such grace, and I knew that she would be in great hands without me there.

Taryn and Matthew have beautiful old souls (and that being a wonderful compliment from this other old soul). Their positive personalities remind me of the love you see in movies. A romantic, passionate, and lasting kind of love. From their vintage coke bottle proposal to the last kiss of the night, they captured our hearts but even more so renewed our faith in genuine love.

Let’s not forget about how fun they are! A “Where’s Waldo” guest book, S-C-H-M-I-D coffee cups, and a wedding party dance off. This couple’s guests were nothing short of a good time! They danced the night away to Rockin’ Dopsie, who never disappoint!


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, custom Coke bottles, wedding Cokes, Coca-Cola


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Wedding Dress, Lace Wedding Dress, Wedding Gown


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, mother and daughter, mother of the bride

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, dog, pup, dog in wedding

Weddings are filled with all kinds of love, even puppy love. Gracie made an appearance and the bride couldn’t have been happier.

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bridesmaids, bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets

Guess who’s ready for the big day?!!!

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Cathedral, Lafayette, Louisiana; Cathedral of St. John


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Flower Girl wreaths

Obsessing over these unique flower girl wreaths!

 Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, mother of the bride

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, wedding cake, white and gold cake

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, sparkler sendoff, bride and groom

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom, sparkler sendoff


Taryn and Matthew: Your love is inspiring. Thanks for letting us witness a marriage filled with a lifetime of love and happiness.  I am so glad your day turned out the way it did. It was nothing short of perfect, exactly what you two deserve!


Venue :: Petroleum Club

Florist :: Root Floral

Photographer :: Erin and Geoffrey
Videographer :: 63 Films
Cake :: Sky’s the Limit Cakes
Band :: Rockin’ Dopsie
Painter :: Heirloom Live Painter

The Broussards :: Johnae and Dylan

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We never want to have to go to rain plan, but knowing Mother Nature we’re always prepared. The Monday of Johnae and Dylan’s wedding, the forecast was bleak. We knew the rain plan was a must. But this was one rain plan that was equally as stunning. From hand lettered signage by the bride, to the ceremony arch made by the bride’s uncle, to a cobbler station in honor of the groom, I could write for hours about all of the details of this wedding, but I know you’d rather see than read. Here are some of our favorite images captured by 63 Films.


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Wedding cake, Cake


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Red and Green florals, wedding florals


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Programs, Wedding Programs


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Hand Lettering


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Wedding Dress, Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress, Mother and Daughter

That dress! So stunning.

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, custom arch, wedding archway, wedding arch

See what I mean about the arch? Such a special piece.

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Flower girl, red florals


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, Father of the Groom, Daughter and Father, Bride


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, live painting, wedding live painting

Another fabulous live painting from Meredith Piper Art!

Southern Fete, Southern Wedding,


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, bride and groom, wedding kiss, red wedding florals


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, tent wedding, tent reception


Southern Fete, Southern Wedding, sparkler sendoff, newlyweds


Johnae and Dylan – You trusted us to make your day a reality whether rain or shine, and for that we are so appreciative. We hope you look back on that special day often and remember just how loved you are by your family and friends and the love that you share with each other. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!
Photographer and Videographer :: 63 Films
Florist :: Leona Sues
Hair and Makeup :: The Cut House
Venue :: UL Alumni House
Rentals :: Party Central
Cake :: Kathleen Short
Band :: Louisiana Red 
Live Artist :: Meredith Piper Art