March 3, 2011  |  Personal  |  7 Comments

I have been reading and learning so much about the world around me. This place is so much bigger than weddings, my business, my happy little apartment life. It’s bigger than Lafayette and even the US.

The book that is changing my life and perspective is Hole in the Gospel by World Vision president Richard Stearns.

It took a bit for me to pick up this book. I knew it would change me and I was perfectly fine not changing. I don’t try hard to get out of my comfort zone. I’m in my own little bubble. I love my life. It’s pretty perfect!

But I read it, because honestly, I wanted/needed a passion for things not just about me.

What I took away was that the reason I’ve been incredibly blessed was so that God can use me to bless others and that I can be a part of his work. But I just haven’t been sure of how.

Well I’ve got a soft spot for wanting to see other entrepreneurs succeed knowing how hard I’ve worked to be where I am. This book hit me right in that soft spot. It discussed programs that help people create their own businesses so that they can generate an ongoing income for their families. As a business owner who LOVES my job, you can see how I’d get excited about having the opportunity to help others achieve this.

Kiva is an incredible organization that connects donators to people in need of business loans. Givers can pick what projects they give loans to and receivers accept funds with the intent of paying it back as their business grows. In the community, those that take loans take great pride in paying back their loan and wouldn’t think of not following through. That attitude alone impressed me. These people are so willing to work hard, they just need a little push forward to do so. Donators can either take their money out, or use it for another loan.

I’ve made several loans so far and have loved receiving follow up emails that say their loan has been fully funded. They are on their way to their dream!

If you are an entrepreneur, I hope this post has touched you and inspired you to bless others with the gift of creating their own path. We have no idea how lucky we are!

If you’re a bride and considering a donation in lieu of favors or even wedding gifts, check out Kiva! Share with your guest the individual stories and businesses they’ve been a part of creating.

How about a little gift for y’all too? We’ve got a few copies left of our 2011 Calendar. First 5 people to comment will receive one free!

Have a great weekend!