Bridal Showers: Gussy Up!

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Loving this outfit Gia from Flight of Fancy featured this morning! Girlie, preppy and put together. Enjoy!!

Pining For

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Here’s some of my favorite Pinterest pins this week. Are you pining for anything cool this week?? Leave a comment with your Pinterest name!

Cajun Wedding Photo Shoot

April 14, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  2 Comments

Hello hello! Wedding season is definitely in full swing! So far, we’ve created a yarn themed yellow, gray and orange wedding, blush and bashful vintage Southern wedding and backyard Secret Garden wedding. Many more fun weddings to come too!

I’m hoping to be posting more in the next few weeks. First up, a photo shoot I created with an AMAZING team last October.

Our theme was Cajun wedding with a spin. We wanted to capture the traditions and culture without going too kitchy. No crawfish or bayous here.

Cajun families are about traditions and great cooking. We focused on incorporating everyday kitchen items into our theme.

I’ll let the photos by Trent Bailey do the talking!

A few everyday items like cheese cloth, clothes pins and garlic.

A “chandelier” made from a three tiered basket that many grandmothers down South use for holding onions and garlic. And of course, we incorporated sweet tea! We had six different flavors.

Gorgeous ruffle cake and mini pecan pies. And black and white invitation set with kraft envelopes

Amazing old chapel at Acadian Village. My parents were married here 30 years ago!

We created a spice bar for the take-home favor. Guest could create their spice and take home a wooden spoon.

Black pots are must!

Dinner and Dancing…

The after party…

And quaint honeymoon suite!


Photographer: Trent Bailey Photography

Event Design: Southern Fete

Venue: Acadian Villiage

Makeup & Hair : Kiki’s Consulting

Cake/Desserts: Social Bites

Groom’s Attire: Billy Reid

Stationery: Southern Fete Creative

Dress: courtesy of A-Net’s Enchanted Dream

Hair Pieces: Preston and Olivia

A New Inspiration

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Hello all!!

If you are looking for more inspiration than the weekly inspiration board, I’m on pinterest and LOVING it! Check out what’s inspiring me on a daily basis here! And let me know if you’re pinning too!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Announcing: Southern Life

November 29, 2010  |  Inspiration, Southern Fete News  |  3 Comments

I have always been the career-oriented type of woman. When I was younger, I dreamed of blackberries and power suits and working as editor for a major magazine in New York City.

A little and a lot has changed since then. I had an internship at a Philadelphia style magazine and quickly realized I wasn’t quite so passionate about moisturizers, the hottest clubs or the word “nosh.”  But I still strive to be an amazing business woman and to continue to grow my passion, Southern Fete. I found in life, though, you can have more than one passion. My newest? Being a great wife.

Hmmm. And I thought I was busy enough!

I want to pay bills on time, not forget what I need as soon as I get to the grocery store, I want to make food from scratch and keep my family healthy. I want to remember peoples birthdays. I want to send out cards that just make people feel good. And if I’m totally honest, I want it ALL to look pretty too. And if you’re like me, a new cute notebook or pen ALWAYS inspires me to get organized.

So being a designer, I of course realized I could create exactly what I was looking for and could potentially do the same for other ladies. The result, our new everyday collection, SOUTHERN LIFE.

This collection is for every new wife or new wife at heart. AND every single lady conquering her dreams. Life can be simpler. We may not be able to “do it all” but we can still cover a lot of ground if we get organized and leave more time for what’s important.

I have been utterly inspired by Jess Constable from the blog Make My Life Under. It’s reminded me that sometimes stuff just clutters up our world and keeps us from achieving what we want: healthy relationships, financial freedom, dream jobs…

Will our Weekly Meal memo pad shake your world upside down and make all your dreams come true? Doubtful. But it may cut down on last minute grocery trips for unplanned meals or that afternoon dilemma thinking “what’s for dinner??”

When I started working on the designs for the calendar, I wrestled with trying to make it “fit in” with all the designs I was used to seeing. I came up with several half complete designs because it just wasn’t me. The calendar that you will see fully designed is completely me. It was from a response to encourage myself to live a positive life, focused on the important things. It’s my hope you’ll be inspired to live simply and enjoy life’s little pleasures, too!

Like I’ve said before, I had two goals in mind when developing this collection: 1. create products that could enhance my life both by making it simple and bringing positivity into my life 2. make it something I’d want to use. Sorry a composition notebook ain’t gonna cut it.

A phrase came to mind “Elementary my Dear Watson.” And soon enough my inspiration was born! Fully inspired by Sherlock Holmes: It’s old world London. It’s practical, it’s simple, all with a lady-like twist. Here our a few photos that inspired the collection! Check back on Wednesday when we unveil SOUTHERN LIFE!

Inspiration Folder

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I pull images a lot when things catch my eye. I’ll let it inspire me later or leave it on my desktop just to look at something beautiful amid the wordy emails. Here were just a few images that are lingering on my desktop. I unfortunately don’t remember where I pulled them. Let me know if you do! ; )  Enjoy!