Inspired :: Vol. I

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I mentioned yesterday I would be getting better at posting inspiration. I’m starting a new little series of things that inspired me. This week I sifted through my Google Reader and was so impressed with 100 Layer Cake blog’s recent content. They had so many ideas I have never seen before and I thought a few of them might inspire you ladies for your own wedding! Enjoy!!

Events :: Brandi

Yesterday a group of friends and family threw a shower for our friend Brandi who is getting married in May. I was thrilled to design some stationery for it and help with flowers. The color palette was Navy & Yellow. “B is for…” was the theme my sister had picked. Here are a few photos of the invitation as well as some instagramed photos from yesterday! I’m so excited for y’all Brandi and cannot wait for the wedding day!! : )


Inspired :: By Love

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What could be more inspiring than a couples love!! Seeing them laugh together or embrace each other makes my heart happy. This is why we do what we do! Enjoy!!

Catherine Guidry

Amelia Lyon

Amelia Lyon

Jason Cohen

Couples Tumblr


Mark Eric

Fox on the Run

Celebrating Books!

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I’ve got a special treat this week!

This month I launched a personal project called Val&Words here! A little intro to the site:

I have a big love for words. In high school I wrote poems and songs on my guitar daily. I dreamed of being Poet Laureate or a songwriter. In college, my life revolved around the college newspaper. Post grad, I worked for my local paper designing pages until the wee hours of the day. My passion for words has crept up again, this time in the form of a fun and inspiring hobby. This site consists of three parts:

BOOK NOTES – I LOVE to read books that can change my life. I strive to be the best Valerie I can be and I have found so much wisdom in the books I’ve read lately. The hard part is making it stick. My book notes are all things I’ve highlighted straight from the goodness of each book! I’ve found myself reading over the notes simply to edit and make sure there were not any major errors. The truth is, I found myself deciding I wanted to reread these notes weekly until they were ingrained in me. My hope is that you will find these notes beneficial as well! : ) Find thosehere.

BLOG POSTS – Columns were one of my favorite aspects of working at a paper. Here’s my outlet to share things I’ve learned. This life is a journey and I look forward to sharing it with you!

PRINTS – As a designer, I couldn’t help but design something that will continue to inspire long after you’ve read the book notes. Here, you will find my favorite quotes from each book designed for you to purchase. Full proceeds will go to a few of my favorite charities. Prints and charity specifics COMING SOON! : )

Each month or so I plan to post four more reviews. I’ve got them divided into categories, everything from business to creative and health and spirituality, finance and marriage.

I’m excited to start this personal project. We are capable of so much!! We simply need to learn it! I truly hope these notes will help you grow to be your best self. Unused energy is a waste. I don’t want to look back on my life and think I could have been more. May you be inspired! : )

To celebrate, I decided to do inspiration boards every day all inspired by book covers! Check back later today for our first inspiration board!!

Storefront Inspiration

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Lately I’ve been finding lots of inspiration from architecture lately, particularly beautiful storefronts! Little details have the possibility of giving such different feels, from ornate to simple. Enjoy!! : )

Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

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Have you seen this adorable bridal shower over at Green Wedding Shoes??

This week I’ve been thinking/reading a ton about how much a little preparation can do. How fitting that I found this little gem of a shoot?! : )

We all want to achieve something but so often, we find our actions don’t match up with our goals. Planning can help!

Here’s what it looks like for me:

Yearly – Marking all major events on the calendar (i.e. New Wedding Collection Debuts, Month in Philly, etc.)

Quarterly – Deciding projects to focus on. Preparing for busy seasons by working extra hard before they hit.

Weekly – Spending Sunday afternoons planning dinners and chopping up fruits and veggies for the week. Looking over each client’s progress. Planning blog posts.

Daily – Laying out workout clothes. Packing a lunch the night before. Creating a to-do list every day at 4 for the next day.

I’m a big believer that we can prepare for success and greatness. It just takes a little time on the front end. John Maxwell talks about the significance of being ahead of problems in his book Today Matters. When we plan ahead, problems don’t have to derail us. We just deal with them.

How can that relate to wedding planning? Any brides ever ordered something that came back wrong? If you were on a tight deadline, this gave you an ulcer. If you had plenty of time, it was simply a road bump on the way to your wedding day.

Save the Dates need to go out…And you should have your band booked by… It can be an overwhelming process trying to pick the perfect invitation just TEN DAYS before they need to be sent out. Some of this stress can be completely avoided! Newly engaged brides, take a step back and look at the time remaining before your wedding day. Write out the major deadlines and make a monthly plan for what to tackle. What things are most important to finish right now. Nope, I didn’t ask what things would be most fun to google and search for on Etsy. It will make a world of difference in your planning process.

Remember: Always be prepared. It will pay off. Scouts honor! ; )