Rustic Elegance :: Heather & Lee

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I saw on the news today that the average cost of the wedding has increased to $28k. I think that no matter how big or small your budget is and how many guests you have at your wedding, it’s so much more about the feel of your wedding that guests will appreciate and remember. In a sense, it’s your wedding’s “brand” (there’s the marketer in me!)

I’ve met with brides who want to make sure they keep their weddings small for various reasons, but I think it’s so easy to lose sight of this goal or be persuaded otherwise. So, I decided to ask my friend Heather for advice about how to stay focused on keeping your wedding small. Her “rustic elegance” themed wedding was successful in remaining small (and super charming).

Here’s what she had to say:

When you were planning your wedding, what did you want guests to feel and remember about your wedding?

In planning our wedding, I wanted our guests to feel (as cheesy as this sounds) loved.  Lee and I looked at our wedding day as the day that not only we would become one but also that our two families would become one as well. Our immediate family members were the only guests at our wedding because we wanted it to be an intimate setting. We wanted them to feel as if this wasn’t just a union between me and Lee but between our families as well. There is a saying when you marry a man/woman you also marry their family, which was the foundation for our wedding day. I wanted them to remember that without their love and support we would not be who we are. They each played such an integral part of our lives and our wedding day.

What was your favorite thing about the wedding?

The favorite thing about our wedding was the overall style and feel of our wedding day. I had a vision for our wedding, thanks to Pinterest, of exactly what I wanted for our wedding day. The style, rustic elegance, fits both me and Lee’s personal style. My husband is a sugar cane farmer, so incorporating rustic elements such as: sugar cane, burlap, and the antique pieces suited his style. The touches of elegance: mercury glass, floral arrangements, white decor, embellished napkin rings spoke to my personality and style. It was a great way to incorporate both of our personalities into our wedding day.

What was your favorite part of your wedding planning process?

My favorite part of the wedding process was incorporating our family members and friends into our wedding day. Even though our wedding was small and limited to immediate family members only, we had so many family members and friends come forward to help us make our day special. Some of the special touches were: an antique mantle piece, embellished napkin rings, pralines (made by a family friend), catering (done by my brother Charles and a friend), our flowers and floral arrangements (done by Lee’s sister Jeanne and Aunt Melanie) several mercury glass pieces, china settings and several other decor pieces that made our wedding day memorable and came from the kindness of our friends and family members. Without there selfless contributions our wedding day would not have been as perfect.

We were taken back at the outpouring of love and support that we received during our wedding planning process. And what shocked me the most was that they expected nothing in return, which really filled our hearts with love.

You wanted a small wedding and made it happen. What advice would you give other brides who are trying to plan a small wedding?

My advice for a bride that is planning a small wedding is to stay focused. We had several family members and friends try to convince us to have a larger wedding, but we stayed focused on what we wanted  and envisioned for our wedding day.

Discuss everything with your fiancé to make sure that you are both on the same page and have the same vision for your wedding day. If one of you is set on a small wedding and the other isn’t, it is easier to lose sight of your original plans and throw the wedding planning process into a frenzy.

Stay true to your couple style! If you aren’t an overly romantic bride don’t go with a romantic themed wedding day. It’s about you and your husband so enjoy yourself!

Here are some photos from their day!

white wedding bouquet
rustic elegance
rustic elegance
rustic elegance - mercury glass
rustic elegance, mercury glass
rustic elegance, vintage napkin rings
small wedding cake, simple wedding cake

vintage car

just married, vintage car

Here’s Heather’s favorite picture from the wedding!


My favorite picture from my wedding day is the picture of me and Lee kissing outside of the church near the vintage car. The vintage car was a wedding present from Lee’s godmother, Carolyn, and her family. This car was special in another aspect because it reminded me of my deceased father. He loved vintage cars, and I felt as if he sent this special present to us on our wedding day. It was just one of the ways that he was present with us that day.



Photos by: Sara Kelley

Mercury Glass

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What isn’t there to love about mercury glass? Vases, platters, votives, picture frames … mercury glass can be incorporated in so many ways into your wedding, and it always elevates the elegance of a wedding.

Ask your florist what he/she has available, and you’ll probably be surprised at what you may want to include in your own wedding. It’s a classic touch that helps to make your wedding look/design cohesive.

Here are some of the uses that I absolutely love!

mercury glass

mercury glass

mercury glass





Traditional Southern Elegance

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I thought one of the ways you could get to know me better is by looking at my own wedding. I’m not sure where the last 4 months have gone, but I’m excited to be able to look back at the things that inspired the look of our wedding – traditional southern elegance with a twist – and share with you how that look came to life on October 12, 2012!

All of the photos below are from my “For the Big Day” Pinterest board. What would we do without Pinterest?

Happy Friday!


traditional wedding, southern wedding

Precious Pets

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In honor of National Love Your Pet day, I thought it would be fun to explore how couples incorporate their precious pets into their wedding.

Having never owned a pet of my own (with the exception of the albino frog in middle school or the goldfish used in my 8th grade science experiment – those can’t really count, can they?), I never thought of this when planning my own wedding. But knowing how much pets mean to people, it’s only fitting that each couple find a unique and memorable way to incorporate them into their wedding festivities.

Catherine Guidry shot an engagement session at Jungle Gardens with a couple who brought along their pets Jasper and Scarlett (Scarlett is a pig). I thought the photo below would be perfect for a save-the-date card! (Here’s more!)

catherine guidry, dog save the date

My friend and bridesmaid, Emily, had her precious pup Ms. Pebs in her engagement photos taken by Collin Richie. Isn’t this photo just adorable? I see first family Christmas card written on this one!

dog engagement, colin richie

I saw this cake topper included in 10+ fun and unique cake toppers and thought it was a perfect way for a couple to include their precious pets in their day.

wedding dog, cake topper

One thing I know for sure is if we would have had a pet when we got married, he certainly would have worn a bow tie like this stud! (Source: Wedding Chicks)

dog bowtie, dog wedding

How did you include your precious pet into your “big day”?


Classy Chevron

Chevron is all the rage these days. Here’s a classy take on how to incorporate it into your big day – with a touch of the always-classy damask.

classy chevron, inspiration



Inspired :: Vol. 2

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Here are several things that I’m loving right now!

Credits :: Greenery, Short Dress, Greenhouse,  Second Line, Boho Chic, Farm to Table, Hair Tutorial, Simple Clutch

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