Topping the Charts :: Top 5 Etsy Couple Shower Invitations

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Let’s face it. Etsy – like Pinterest – can be overwhelming. Search “Couples Shower Invitations,” and you’ll find 3,488 items. While many are baby shower or other non-related invitations, there are still an overwhelming amount of options.

So, this post is dedicated to our favorite five couples invitations from Etsy!


Love the quirkiness of this invitation from YellowBrickGraphics – not to mention the super cute design on the back.


Love JessicaRenaeDesigns use of fonts and the simplicity of this invitation. And, there’s stripes. There must be something about Monday and stripes?

il_570xN.480925051_oh65What’s not to love about this sweet invitation by OliveandStar?


When I saw this invitation by SugarTreePaperie, I fell in love. It’s a themed invitation like the second of our favorites but with such a fun and modern take on it. Love. It.

fancybelle, couple shower invitations, invitations, confetti invitation

Last but certainly not least is this beauty from fancybelle. While the text would need some tweaking, we love it for its classic flair. And fancybelle is from Louisiana!

There are so many more to choose from, but my heart would do its own happy dance if any of these showed up in the mailbox!

Happy Monday!


Inspiration :: Southern Style Crawfish Boil Shower

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We’re just headed into the fall, but is it ever too early to start thinking about crawfish season? Any “true” Southerner would tell you “no y’all!!”

A crawfish boil is the perfect type of shower or party to throw when going for a more laid back atmosphere. Sucking heads and peeling tails isn’t exactly the idea of sophisticated.

As long as the crawfish are good, the beer is cold, and there’s plenty of paper towels and crackers for cleaning your hands, you can’t go wrong with a crawfish boil. But for those looking for a “different” take on the theme, here’s a little inspiration for you.

May I add that adding artichokes to the table scape – although completely useless – definitely elevates the level of sophistication! 🙂

And I would be completely amiss to not disclose that the last photo contains lobster and not crawfish, but it was too pretty to pass up. Make it happen with your crawdaddys, friends!

crawfish boil. crawfish boil engagement party, crawfish boil wedding shower, louisiana crawfish boil


1: Life as Paper via Etsy 2: Big Decorations 3: Pretty Girls Cook 4: Pinterest 5: Ritzy Bee Blog

Inspiration :: Olive You Stock the Bar Shower

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Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday – literally – that I was kicking off the series of themed-wedding parties with a twist.

Oh well, can’t waste time trying to figure out where the time has gone. Especially with a three-day weekend looming.

For couples who like their “spirits,” the stock the bar party is just perfect. Here’s a rustic take on the classic party.

stock the bar, wedding shower, engagement party

And I’ll raise a toast to a three-day weekend, college football, the beginning of my journey to find white pumpkins, and Labor Day shopping. OH … and to our “spirited” couples!



1: Pinterest 2: My Expression 3: CEDatHome via Etsy 4: Stone Gable

Couples Shower: BBQ

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You’ve usually been engaged for 25902 seconds before someone offers to throw you a shower or party. One of the first questions you’ll be asked is, “What would you like the theme to be?”

It seems that most host and hostesses these days want to have an event tied around a theme. While “themes” are helpful to keeping the details of an event consistent, most hosts don’t consider a set of colors or a “feel” to be a theme.

So, I’ve decided to try to provide some inspiration for twists on the “usual” themes.

Up first in the series is the BBQ.

I loved the wording and feel of this couples shower BBQ invitation by A Pinch of Lovely. While channeling the “classic” BBQ theme, it also provides the perfect jumping point for customizing a memorable back yard bash.

BBQ, couples shower BBQ,

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to attend this couples shower BBQ! So don’t rule out the typical “BBQ” next time you’re asked what type of couples shower you’d like!



1: A Pinch of Lovely 2: 2BSquared Designs 3: Pottery Barn 4: Hostess with the Mostess 5: Le Partie Sugar 6: Pottery Barn

Gifting Thoughtfulness

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I don’t know about you but picking out hostess gifts proved to be challenging for me. I wanted to give each of my hostesses something that they would always remember me by but at the same time didn’t want to spend a small fortune doing so. I am often asked for ideas for hostess gifts, so I thought I’d pull together some of my favorite go-to’s.

The most important thing to remember when picking a hostess gift if that’s is less about how much it cost and more about the thought you put into it. Your hostesses are happy to be giving you the shower/event, and a thoughtful gift will be the icing on the cake. (Don’t forget to include a hand-written thank you card along with the gift!)

All of the ideas below can be found on Etsy and range from $12 to $37.50!

hostess gifts, host gifts, wedding shower gifts



1: Esty Seller thecarpentersshop57 2: Etsy Seller Primele 3: Etsy Seller MyHouseofDreams 4: Etsy Seller MagicMarkingsArt 5: Etsy seller No108BellaVista 6: Etsy Seller InkingDesignStudio

Masters Inspired Wedding

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The Master's, Masters Inspired Wedding, Golf wedding

It’s Masters Sunday – enough said. I love the vibrant colors and country club feel of this inspiration board…especially the Just Married golf cart.



1. Belle the Magazine 2. OneWed 3. S&G 4. Alta Moda