The Bridals

December 9, 2010  |  In Her Shoes  |  2 Comments

Now that our wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes (yay!!), I want to share with y’all the details and tell y’all about my amazing vendors! I’ll start next week with the actual wedding day but for this week we’ll cover bridals and the rehearsal dinner.

First up, bridals! I had Mark Eric and his wife Heather shoot me on one of the hottest days of August at Acadian Village. Now normally I’m the first person to tell brides “Don’t shoot bridals in the summer! You will be miserable.” For me, it was unavoidable. I think God gives some sort of grace to brides in big poofy dresses in 90 degree weather because I barely noticed the heat. And I’m normally the type of girl who gets frizzy and red-faced. I also had a nice team of mom and sister fanning me with a reflector. Mark and Heather did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and posing me in ways, I of course thought sounded ridiculous but turned out amazing! I normally hate pictures of myself but had my email filled with photos I honestly couldn’t believe were me. (More bragging on Mark come wedding day post.) Ok one other thing, Mark and Heather were so much FUN. If you see me laughing in these pictures it’s because I genuinely had a fun time. Feeling comfortable like that is so important to think about when hiring a photographer.

Sara, one of my very first brides, styled my hair. I always swore I would wear it down for my wedding day, but knew my long hair would overwhelm my dress and hide my one-strap. I was so pleased with the soft, natural way she did it. I was literally able to pull out the bobby pins mid shoot (no mirror, people) and have a whole new look.

Angelle, from Salon Indigo did my makeup. Again, so pleased with the result. There is a fine line between not enough makeup and too much and she found it! I normally don’t wear a ton of makeup so I definitely knew a ton of makeup could make me look and feel like a clown or fake. But I felt so natural AND beautiful!

I would HIGHLY recommend all three of these vendors! Ready for the photos??

My parents were married at this chapel 29 years ago! 

A somewhat Deep South tradition. Take a picture with an item that represents the groom’s cake. IE If a groom is having an LSU cake, take a picture in your bridal gown with LSU hat or jersey, etc. This was one photo that was placed on the groom’s cake table. 

Mark spotted an abandoned carwash with a nice field  behind.


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It’s been a bit of a whirlwind the last month or two but I wanted to mention a few places our work has popped up in the wedding world. I’m beyond greatful to this magazine and these blogs for including us!

Our Grace Suite was featured on Elizabeth Ann Designs as part of a photo shoot designed by Favor Events and shot by Ben Vigil.

Our Taffy Suite was featured on Weddings Unveiled Blog as part of Caroline and Dan’s wedding.

I was quoted by one of my favorite bridal magazines, Southern Weddings. (Congrats on the new site ladies!)

And, I am so excited to finally share it with you: Tyler and I’s wedding day featured on Green Wedding Shoes! Click here to check out the post and come back next week. I’m going to have a week of posts featuring more photos and talking about our vendors.

New Ideas

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Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

I looked through my wedding pictures yesterday to narrow down my favorites. I smiled when I saw my handsome husband. I felt blessed when I saw my best friends cutting up. I got emotional when I saw us sharing our vows. Then one creeping thought arose when I saw a decor pic: “I should have done…”

That’s right. It’s only been about a month and I already would do something differently?? It’s true and it will happen to most brides. If you’ve looked at oodles of inspiration throughout your wedding planning, rarely do new wives go cold turkey. It’s still fun to look at. Which means new ideas and new inspiration. Knowing that as you plan could be good though. When you’re in the thick of swatches and tastings just remember, make a plan and stick with it. You may think, noooo but it’s not PERFECT yet. Perfect can change. Do you love it? Did you pick it for a sentimental reason? Then go for it! And don’t look back!

After I finished my little negative thought, I realized something. We’re married! I can’t go back and rewrite the day, nor would I want to. It was absolutely perfect just the way it is. And just the beginning of our wonderful life together.

New wives, just remember any new ideas you come up with after the big day can always be shared with current brides-to-be or can be a great excuse to throw a party!

Dropping the Pizza

October 11, 2010  |  In Her Shoes  |  1 Comment

It’s pretty stereotypical that a new wife cries when she burns her first meal. Well while Tyler and I were working on the apartment the week before the wedding, I dropped the frozen pizza on the oven door. This was right after I had picked off every pepperoni and created a carefully constructed grid so that the pizza cutter would not have to destroy said pepperonis. I was pretty proud of myself for it too.

As the story is written, I cried. Why you ask? Because I have been dreaming of being the perfect wife. Part of that meant creating the perfect 4 course meal, or at the very least, not dropping a frozen pizza. That triggered in me thoughts that obviously aren’t true. I won’t fail as a wife just because I mess up a meal.

You will burn your casserole. You will wash your husbands wallet in the washing machine. You will forget to send out those Christmas cards to wanted to send. It’s OK!

If you’re engaged right now, you’re learning that things won’t go exactly as planned for your wedding. Learn the lesson now and you could reap the benefits in married life. It’s a lesson that stays the same.

We can’t love others until we love ourself. In my bible study someone made the point that when they are hard on themselves, their attitudes toward others is equally hard. Give yourself grace to forego that super time-consuming DIY project. Forgiving your florist for the wrong shade pink peonies will be even easier.

: )

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I hope smiley faces can count as a blog title because that’s all I have to say right now! Thank you everyone for the incredible support, excitement AND patience you’ve shown with the whole wedding. The day could not have been more perfect and the honeymoon was so relaxing. I am thrilled to be back and somewhat bursting with inspiration, projects and new clients!

We’ve got lots in store for the rest of 2010:

At least two photo shoots with amazing photographers.

A new invitation collection or two.

Some brand new stationery offerings.

An event for Acadiana brides-to-be and past brides.

Quoted in my favorite national wedding magazine.

And one super secret project!!

And of course, photos from Tyler and I’s wedding! Plus lots of bragging on our vendors. (They were absolutely incredible!!)

I can’t wait to share everything with y’all! But until then, how about an inspiration board? Check back this week!

It’s Here!

September 24, 2010  |  In Her Shoes  |  1 Comment

I’ve started this post about 4 different ways unclear on what direction to take. There are a lot of emotions. Not one of them negative. The number one emotion I am feeling is thankful. Thankful for friends and family. Thankful for Tyler’s incredible support and love. Thankful for an overwhelming peace I know can only come from God.

I am completely at ease right now and I honestly thought I’d be a nervous wreck. In that peace, I am able to soak in every moment that is coming. I’m taking mental pictures of memories I will have forever.

I hope and pray every bride can experience this her wedding week. This is what it’s all about. Getting to truly celebrate what you’ve worked months on, the day two people will be joined together forever, and not letting the details distract from it.

I am off to change my life forever tomorrow just as I’ve witnessed planning so many other weddings. Knowing how special this day is, I am so thankful for all those brides who have let me be a part of their big day!

We’re headed to San Antonio after the wedding so I will be back with you  ladies Oct. 4!