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August 17, 2009  |  Southern Fete News

Part of my job on a daily basis in keeping up and helping my brides stick to their budgets. I preach constantly that you can find nice things on a small budget so why should it be any different for my own space? Here are some tips.

Step 1. Decide how much you have/are willing to spend. Be realistic with this. For me, I had NOTHING that could be used in the new space and knew I’d be making some big purchases. Saying you want to do something “for as little as possible” never works. You need a number to guide you. I arrived at $1,200. I wanted to make the space warm and welcoming for brides but also didn’t feel the need to have crystals dripping from the ceiling to express that.

Step 2. Get inspired. I searched several of my favorite online stores for inspiration even if it wasn’t in my price range i.e. Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel. Then came up with my colors. This was tough! I found these boxes from The Container Store and new I wanted to incorporate them.


My color palette went from pinks, golds and oranges, to blues and greens. officeStep 3. Shop around! I gave myself plenty of time to shop for the big ticket items so I didn’t have to make any rash decisions. I saw the desk I wanted at World Market but it was more than I had budgeted for. I went into the store several times to look at it, get the measurements to see if it would work, and check for a sale. It finally did for about $30 less than my budget!!

Photo by Jason Cohen

Photo by Jason Cohen

Step 4. Stick to it! You make a budget for a reason so don’t veer from the GRAND TOTAL. For my brides we always start off with a pretty standard budget but some want to spend more for photography or flowers. So what do we do? Take if from another portion of the budget. Here is my breakdown.


Step 5. Leave room for the unexpected. I luckily got the ladder bookshelves for a steal and was able to spend more on window treatments. When I had originally come up with my budget, I had decided to just do curtains for the two windows but changed my mind thinking they wouldn’t look right. I went with bamboo roman shades which were pricier but end up still within my budget because of the shelves.

Step 6. Enjoy!

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  1. Very interesting!! This will help me with decorating for my house. You should send me your excel spreadsheet!
    Oh and lucky you found those shelves for cheap… 🙂

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