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December 9, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Now that our wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes (yay!!), I want to share with y’all the details and tell y’all about my amazing vendors! I’ll start next week with the actual wedding day but for this week we’ll cover bridals and the rehearsal dinner.

First up, bridals! I had Mark Eric and his wife Heather shoot me on one of the hottest days of August at Acadian Village. Now normally I’m the first person to tell brides “Don’t shoot bridals in the summer! You will be miserable.” For me, it was unavoidable. I think God gives some sort of grace to brides in big poofy dresses in 90 degree weather because I barely noticed the heat. And I’m normally the type of girl who gets frizzy and red-faced. I also had a nice team of mom and sister fanning me with a reflector. Mark and Heather did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and posing me in ways, I of course thought sounded ridiculous but turned out amazing! I normally hate pictures of myself but had my email filled with photos I honestly couldn’t believe were me. (More bragging on Mark come wedding day post.) Ok one other thing, Mark and Heather were so much FUN. If you see me laughing in these pictures it’s because I genuinely had a fun time. Feeling comfortable like that is so important to think about when hiring a photographer.

Sara, one of my very first brides, styled my hair. I always swore I would wear it down for my wedding day, but knew my long hair would overwhelm my dress and hide my one-strap. I was so pleased with the soft, natural way she did it. I was literally able to pull out the bobby pins mid shoot (no mirror, people) and have a whole new look.

Angelle, from Salon Indigo did my makeup. Again, so pleased with the result. There is a fine line between not enough makeup and too much and she found it! I normally don’t wear a ton of makeup so I definitely knew a ton of makeup could make me look and feel like a clown or fake. But I felt so natural AND beautiful!

I would HIGHLY recommend all three of these vendors! Ready for the photos??

My parents were married at this chapel 29 years ago! 

A somewhat Deep South tradition. Take a picture with an item that represents the groom’s cake. IE If a groom is having an LSU cake, take a picture in your bridal gown with LSU hat or jersey, etc. This was one photo that was placed on the groom’s cake table. 

Mark spotted an abandoned carwash with a nice field  behind.



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