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June 22, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

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Last week I was a bit of an emotional mess. Personal and business, not to mention wedding planning, all led to many a-flowing tears.

I think we can get so busy and burnt out sometimes that if we don’t stop to rest, it all eventually comes to halt and we collapse. And so I did Wednesday, tried to keep going and so I collapsed Thursday too. I eventually decided “OK God you are trying to tell me something and this time I’m listening.” I took the rest of Thursday and Friday off and much of the weekend (not characteristic for me).

I talked to a bride I am doing invitations for and she mentioned that her lunch breaks and days off are consumed with taking care of wedding details proving this whole planning a wedding thing is A LOT of work!

I told Tyler this week, “It doesn’t matter if our wedding is a total bomb, I am getting to marry you and that’s all that matters.” It took a lot for me to get to this point. I’ve realized it isn’t others putting that pressure on me ( I do feel like what I do for my own wedding will be a deciding factor for whether some people choose to hire me) but myself. So I am officially taking it off. Because I don’t need another breakdown. This was officially my breakthough. (Not however similar to Real Housewives of NY Kelly’s “breakthrough” on Poison Island.)

And although the wedding planning wasn’t entirely to blame for my rough week, I of course have a few more tips for avoiding burnout:


I sound like your itunes on repeat, but you have to take a break from wedding planning periodically. It’s not healthy to focus on one day for a year or longer. This is where the pressure comes in. “I’ve just spent a year planning a party? It better be the best thing this side of heaven…right??”  and with that…


Saturday my sister and I went to a coffee shop and took care of several things we needed to do for the wedding. A chunk of time to do this, for me atleast, puts me in wedding mode and motivates me to make decisions. When I break it up too much, it takes more motivation to get started each time.


My mom works very hard at her job and she decided when I got engaged, she would slow down and be available to enjoy the process. She took half a day of work off with little warning to come with me to Baton Rouge to pick up my dress last week. She didn’t see it as a chore to check off the list but an event she wants to remember fondly.

If you are feeling like all you dream about are linens and tying ribbon on little favor bags take a break without feeling guilty for it. You deserve it!

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  1. this is SUCH a great post. i hit the same wall recently (planning for 11/27/10 since june of 09!). i love your tips and also just knowing that someone else is in the same place 🙂

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