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March 19, 2015  |  Southern Fete News

When I sat down to think and write my goals for Southern Fete in 2015, attending a floral workshop wasn’t on the list. But when Mia with Root Floral spread the word about a Bows and Arrows Flowers workshop in NOLA, it kept entering my mind. I remember talking to my mom about if I should go, and she thought I was crazy to even be debating it. I kept going back and forth, so one day I sent Mia a text that said “Doing it.” And, I did.

I sat behind a garbage truck on my way into the Quarter and kept asking myself, “Why did you do this? Seriously?” A few moments of self-doubt crept into my mind. I don’t want to be a florist, but as a planner I wear so many hats, this is inevitably one of them. I told Alicia that just the week before, I had to wire a hydrangea in the CENTER of a bridal bouquet back to life to make it through pictures. The struggle is real.

In the first few minutes of the workshop, I felt about as alive as that dying hydrangea, but I pulled it together. I may have been the only non-florist for that portion of the workshop, but I quickly reminded myself I had nothing to lose.

On the way home from NOLA, I kept looking over at my sweet arrangement buckled in the front seat. While I of course loved the way that it turned out, the little piece of self-doubt that I banished that day may have been all that I needed to accomplish!

I hope you enjoy looking through all of the lovely that I was lucky enough to be able to hack include into my arrangement!

Cheers to adventure and to Natalie for snapping these photos!


Coffee. Check. Cell Phone. Check. Sheers. Check. Tape Grid on Vessle. Fail.

Coffee still in play. Check. Alicia showing me how to crack open a rose. Check. Poor little thing. Anything for a beautiful picture! 🙂


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