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February 10, 2010  |  Color Me Inspired, Southern Fete News

So for all of us in South Louisiana, life hasn’t just been about weddings the past week. It’s been all about the Saints! I honestly didn’t know how the Super Bowl was going to go. I was just so excited to see them play in it. It’s still surreal that they won!

So obviously I wanted to incorporate the black and gold (sans gold fleur di lis or who dats) into an inspiration board. This board is a bit different. Every picture comes from the fab blog, This is Glamorous. I could stare at the pictures all day long.

P.S. I totally look like this (picture #1) when I’m at my desk hard at work too!

Since it’s the off season for wedding in South Louisiana I’ve had a few extra projects keeping me busy these past couple of weeks besides Saints celebrations and the pending Mardi Gras season. I just finished our new and improved invitation collection and am getting materials printed for product shoot with the wonderful Jason Cohen. Also, I have a two in one photo shoot coming up next week. Remember I asked a few weeks ago which inspiration board you’d like to see come to reality? I got tons of feedback and honestly couldn’t choose between the top two so decided to do them both! What’s all this for?? A few changes a’ coming! ; )

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