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January 31, 2012  |  In Her Shoes  | 

Courtney Dellafiora

Today I found this draft of a post I wrote a month after Tyler and I got married. I’m not sure why I didn’t hit publish but for some reason, I think it’s important to share today.  I’m happy to say since then, things have continually gotten better and better!

The biggest question Tyler and I get since the wedding is “How’s married life?” Sometimes I give the long answer and other times i simply say, “Our wedding day was the best day of my life and it has gotten even better each day since.” Sounds funny, but that is truly how I feel.

Soon-to-be brides it really can keep getting better and better. BUT you have to prepare for it too. My day-of-coordinator told me I was doing something she saw few brides do. What’s that? Stress out?? Fall apart? Nope. She said she could see we were preparing for a marriage. As an engaged couple, you get so much advice from others:

“It’s going to be rough getting used to living together.”

“You’re going to have to compromise a lot.”

“You’ll lose your freedom.”

Take it! You don’t have to end up with the same “words of wisdom” when another friend of yours gets married. Each of these phrases could be completely true in marriage but it doesn’t have to be.

Why are we getting married? Is it because you just can’t wait to be a bride? Or because you can’t wait to commit to the love of your life? If it’s the first, your wedding day will be the best day of your life. If it’s the latter, your wedding day will be the best day of your life with each day after getting better and better!

Here’s a sneak peek from the wedding day!

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