Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

January 25, 2012  |  Inspiration  | 

Have you seen this adorable bridal shower over at Green Wedding Shoes??

This week I’ve been thinking/reading a ton about how much a little preparation can do. How fitting that I found this little gem of a shoot?! : )

We all want to achieve something but so often, we find our actions don’t match up with our goals. Planning can help!

Here’s what it looks like for me:

Yearly – Marking all major events on the calendar (i.e. New Wedding Collection Debuts, Month in Philly, etc.)

Quarterly – Deciding projects to focus on. Preparing for busy seasons by working extra hard before they hit.

Weekly – Spending Sunday afternoons planning dinners and chopping up fruits and veggies for the week. Looking over each client’s progress. Planning blog posts.

Daily – Laying out workout clothes. Packing a lunch the night before. Creating a to-do list every day at 4 for the next day.

I’m a big believer that we can prepare for success and greatness. It just takes a little time on the front end. John Maxwell talks about the significance of being ahead of problems in his book Today Matters. When we plan ahead, problems don’t have to derail us. We just deal with them.

How can that relate to wedding planning? Any brides ever ordered something that came back wrong? If you were on a tight deadline, this gave you an ulcer. If you had plenty of time, it was simply a road bump on the way to your wedding day.

Save the Dates need to go out…And you should have your band booked by… It can be an overwhelming process trying to pick the perfect invitation just TEN DAYS before they need to be sent out. Some of this stress can be completely avoided! Newly engaged brides, take a step back and look at the time remaining before your wedding day. Write out the major deadlines and make a monthly plan for what to tackle. What things are most important to finish right now. Nope, I didn’t ask what things would be most fun to google and search for on Etsy. It will make a world of difference in your planning process.

Remember: Always be prepared. It will pay off. Scouts honor! ; )


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