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Be Inspired

October 6, 2011  |  Inspiration

Last night, I hopped on twitter to see all new tweets mentioning and mourning the loss of Steve Jobs. I sat there shocked as I told Tyler. I actually teared up. I’ve never met him, nor could I even spot him in a crowd of people. But something inside me made me wonder how many great things he had left to accomplish that the world will never know or, honestly, if we’d ever have someone who would shape our technology as much ever again. It seemed like a finite end.

The answer? All of us have the potential. It’s already in us. We just have to harness it.

Instead of simply mourning the loss of someone who has revolutionized the way be do so many things, I hope we can find inspiration in it. Steve Jobs wasn’t superhuman, just human. But he was filled with a passion and desire to do what he did as well as the drive to actually make it happen.

If one person can have such an impact, how big would the impact of six billion+ people be?? No excuses, people. We are all capable. Saw this tweeted today.

“Steve Jobs was born out of wedlock, put up for adoption at birth, dropped out of college, then changed the world. What’s your excuse?”

Photo: From our Philly trip. I was fascinated by all our Apple products in use even on the road. 3 of Tyler and I’s 7 Apple devices.


  1. so well said and Steve Jobs truly was an inspiration for us all to just go for it and see where the road takes us with our dream.

  2. Still shocking to think of. He was truly a do-er and innovator. The world definitely needs more Steve Jobs.

  3. I tweeted “sadness” when I found out. I had no other words to say. He was the ultimate vanguard in technology as we know it. As I sit here and type, you have caused me to really reflect on my apple products and how they enrich my life. I’m using my MacBook, listening to my iPod, while tweeting with my iPhone.

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