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July 21, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Courtney Dellafiora

What a week it has been!? I am back and feeling more refreshed than ever to tackle all those wedding details I’ve staved off this week. The challenge came the first morning of. “Oh, let me just see if they have this real quick…” I had to fight the urge several times, realizing just how thought-consuming those details can become.

The break was much needed and had me even more excited to attend a catering and linens meeting yesterday. Yes, even just seeing the plan for the linens got me envisioning everything! Our centerpieces are a bit complex so beforehand, I couldn’t see what linen would be right. If you’re having the same trouble deciding what would look best with your centerpieces, see if your rental company would allow you to rent possible linens options for the day to try with your items.

While on the subject of linens, brides, I get this question a lot? “Should I really use bright linens for all the guest tables? Won’t it be too colorful?” Years ago,  I would have maybe agreed with you. Until I did my pink wedding of May 2009. The bride’s mother had planned out some amazing details. Then came the pink tablecloths. She said “Valerie, if you are setting up everything and there’s just too much pink, lose the tablecloths.” I agreed and the day of the setup kept every last bit of pink she planned. It transformed the room where many guest may have been dozens of times. Keep in mind, when guest see the room, they are also seeing walls, floors and ceiling. Your linens won’t overwhelm the room.

Other questions to discuss with your rental company:

Will the tablecloths touch the floor?

Or will I need to order an underlay?

Next we went to meet with our caterer’s, which just happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Lafayette, conveniently at eating time! Delicious lunch! And menu finalized! All I can say is our guest will be full and happy when they leave our reception. And I will too. I made sure to tell Andy, the catering manager, that I am not the type of girl who skips meals. I’ll need a plate a food before I enter the swarm of guest because I know my chances of finishing a bite after are slim to none.

Questions to discuss with caterers:

How many servers?

Do the caterers use real dinnerware and silverware?

What happens to the leftovers?

Do you cook onsite? Or transfer food?

Just a few photos from our rental visit:

Only in Louisiana (maybe Florida) can you rent a life-size alligator!
Don’t expect to see any at our wedding though!

This is probably me trying to explain some aspect of the linens to my mom.
I guess words like poly, pintuck and cab aren’t common terms for everyone!

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