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October 28, 2010  |  Wedding Tips

I’ve been going on several bridal shoots lately and one thing I’m learning is how difficult it can be. Why? Because brides are in a big poofy dress, tromping around a bayou or garden in the hot Southern heat. And smiling a REAL smile, and following your photogs lead doesn’t always come naturally.

I’ve learned a secret to achieving that grace and ease we’d all like to show in our bridals: Watch an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon. I did this a few years back and I began to subconciously emulate her graceful mannerisms. Audrey may have been my role model in this area but you may love a bubbly Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” or strong Angelina Jolie in every-movie-she-makes. If you want to hold a certain air, you have to know what it looks like.

And here are a few more helpful tips for taking your bridals:

– bring a sheet to sit on or put under your dress to keep it from getting dirty

– bring bottle of water and fan to keep cool (I’ve noticed that the reflectors that photographers use is also a great fanning tool).

– bring a fun prop to pose with – for many South La. girls, it’s become a tradition to take a picture with something related to the husband’s groom’s cake, which is usually a favorite hobby and include on the groom’s cake table.

– bring oil blotters to keep sweat away and makeup on!

– hairspray, bobby pins and lipgloss – the natural elements can be ruthless on your hair. Bring backup supplies so you can fix!

Any other tips y’all would recommend for girl’s getting ready to shoot bridals??

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  1. Found your blog through Mark Eric… I follow and love his work!!!! Him & his wife are my mentors, even if they don’t know it 😉

    I love your idea about having a bride watch a movie for a style she wishes to emulate! Will definitely be using that soon.

    Here are some tips of our own…

    *have the bride bring an assistant, friend or family member to help out. Photogs have a ton of gear to cart around, set up for the next shot, worry about if you’re staying hydrated, cool enough, chasing the light, switching lenses, where are my shadows falling, etc… all while trying to make it a fun experience for you.

    *bring comfy shoes… those 5″ hot pink shoes will look great peeping out from underneath that vera wang, but maybe not feel so great after walking to different spots all session.

    *BRING EXTRA WATER AND SNACKS… this is for the photographers, even if they do bring water, it may not be enough. How the bride feels shows through the lens.

    *Emergency Kit (for photographers again)… get with a wedding planner you love & trust and talk to them about what they carry (sewing kit, safety pins, bandaids, tylenol, tums, tampons, etc.) and make a kit for yourself… you never know what’s going to happen.

    *Club soda and a white rag… If you’re shooting outside, you never know where a bird is going to drop a bomb. When this happened to my bride I was fortunate enough to be next to a restauarant… I went flying in there with camera in hand and yelled I need club soda stat. They looked at me like I was crazy, I explained what happened and they got a good chuckle out of it.

    It’s a wonderful trial run for your big day. I love it because I get to show the bride how their fiancee sees them… that they do deserve to be pampered and to be made to feel like a princess, that they are truely beautiful!

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