Are They Worth It?

September 6, 2011  |  Wedding Tips

I get inquiries a lot for girls who want to be wedding planners. Some understand AND even love the high stress of the job. While others think its looks like the movie The Wedding Planner.

It got me thinking about peoples perceptions of what vendors actually do. I’ve heard brides say “photographers sure get paid a lot for one day of work.”  Or that people charge more in the wedding industry just because they can. While the latter could be true, (if so, stay away from these vendors!), I think this image is what causes a bit of stress for brides. I’d be stressed too if I thought I was overpaying or being taken advantage of by my vendors. Which can be the case if you don’t do multiple weddings a year with them like I do.

But for the most part, more work goes into weddings than what is usually seen. This week I hope to share about all the work that vendors put into your wedding day and bring a little peace of mind to signing off on that big check!

Brides, don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure prospective vendors ARE worth it! : )

First up, photographers and videographers!

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