Antique Store, Orchard: Pt. II

April 28, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

As promised!!! Here are some more engagement pictures by the wonderful Jason Cohen! See more here

I forgot to post these images with Mark’s other work! Enjoy!!


  1. yay! a kissing pic! since y’all are such a fun couple, i love seeing y’all’s sweet side too 🙂 all the pics are just so fabulous!!!

    p.s. y’all forgot the yellow light of “do i go? should i not? do i go? should i not? am i sure?”

  2. Awww I love these too!!!
    Heres my favorites…
    the first one, it actually made me cry to see yall so happy 🙂
    the one in front of the office, bc “yall met at a bar???”. Thats sooo funny to think about.
    ANd then the last one!!! Its presh!!

  3. Love all the pictures! The best part is, it is obvious that you tow had a blast taking them!! You love shines thru!!
    Love Ya Both, Kay Kay

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