Antique Store, Orchard, Canoe

April 28, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora


Tyler and I had a few location ideas for our engagement pictures. Here were our three favorites: Antique store, Orchard, Spanish Lake in a canoe. I saw it all happening perfectly in my head, complete with Noah and Allie canoe shots.

Well the antique store was closed, the orchard had no fruit and we had no canoe. All the makings for a ruined engagement shoot. I’ve said it before, if you have one plan in mind and that plan is messed up, you will be devastated. But if you prepare yourself to enjoy whatever happens you will. And we really did! I am so thankful that in these types of situations I am able to remember what I tell my brides. We enjoyed the day to the fullest and didn’t think about those satsumas we never saw. Mostly in part because you have to…


I consider myself one of the luckiest brides ever to have two of my very favorite photographers shoot my engagements, bridals and wedding. (Did I mention proposal?) Ok so I can’t lie, I was bummed it didn’t look like it would work out but having Jason and Mark shoot our engagements quickly put me completely at ease when when we had to veer from the original plan.

I am learning this partially after the fact. Honestly, I think I would have stressed a lot less if I had just told them what we were looking for and let them pick the locations.

If you are hiring a professional photographer, wedding planner, venue etc. remember, it’s not their first rodeo. I know this is something my brides look for as well. Someone they can trust wholeheartedly to take care of little hiccups that may happen throughout the process and especially the wedding day. Vendors know the undiscovered locations, cake bakers and deals that will go far beyond our tiny scope.

After all, isn’t the reason you hire them because you like their work?

Below are images from our engagement session by Mark Eric. Check here for even more photos from Mark. Part 2 of post with Jason Cohen images coming later today!!

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