May 25, 2010  |  In Her Shoes

Today we are exactly 4 months away from Tyler and I’s wedding and apparently this impending day was all I needed to kick it into high gear. So it’s true, I have been a little behind. One of my brides saw my monthly to-do list and felt some panic for me, as well as some relief I think knowing her plans were all on track.

This past week I signed contracts, planned and ordered all our decor (eeek! so excited by the way), addressed Save the Dates, worked on bridesmaids gifts (Nan, Tiff, Kate, Jenny, Lyd and Leah? I hope you love them!), and came up with invitation and stationery piece concept. Where has this energy been all along??

You know what I’m talking about. The energy to just DO IT! Girls, there comes a point when the research has been done. You have your options, you met with a few florists and tried a few cakes. That huge “book vendors” on your to-do list seems like it will never get checked off. It’s so easy to get caught in the brainstorming and research. Fun fact: Members of The Knot spend around 20 hours a month on the site. Honestly, it’s easy to check out hundreds of birdcage veil sites. The tough part is pushing order for one. But at some point we have to make decisions.

As a wedding planner, I feel a little pressure to make sure whatever I am doing is cutting edge and completely different. But you know what? Some of the things I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my weddings are now showing up on blogs. At first, it stressed me out a bit. “Ok, can’t do that now,” or I just figured I should wait till the wedding got closer so nothing was too “dated.” I’ve decided  1.) I am not going to let those little things cause me to over think a decision or make it bigger than what it is 2.) To make final decisions.

I am sort of feeling on top of this world seeing each piece of the vision slowly come together. The sanity it brings me  to knock things off my list gives me freedom to not be tied down to what some brides can make feel like a second job. I have time for friends, instead of another night wasted looking at the same invitation ideas over and over. Don’t over analyze what most of your guest will consider small details.

I said it yesterday, I had the most relaxing Sunday evening ever last weekend. You know why? Because a few hours before, I had completed several wedding tasks that were no longer continuously looming or making me feel if I stepped farther than 20 feet from my laptop my wedding would self-combust.

Brides, this week make a point to check a few things off your list entirely. And use some of that extra energy to enjoy your dear fiances!

Credits: In Her Shoes photo by Courtney Dellafiora, couple by Ashleigh Jayne via Simply & Forever

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