10.12.12 – The Ceremony

March 7, 2013  |  In Her Shoes, Personal

The day flew by. Before I knew it, it was game time.

wedding bouquets

It was time to stand with my dad behind the huge wooden church doors, wait for the trumpet to sound and pinch myself -remembering to take in every moment.

church wedding, isle

The ceremony was everything we wanted it to be. It’s no surprise that we had the traditional Catholic church wedding, but there were so many touches that made it special for us.

St. Mary Catholic Church


One of my mom’s closest friends played the trumpet for the ceremony. I think she had plenty of second thoughts about playing for our wedding, but it couldn’t have been more perfect.

trumpet player, wedding trumpet

BC’s uncle officiated the ceremony, and my uncle delivered the homily. We were also fortunate to have the parish priest participate in our ceremony.

wedding officiants

Music is important to our family…while I can’t play a note to save my life, my mom and brother are both musically-inclined. I always knew that I wanted the music at our wedding to feel like “heaven’s orchestra.” With Ashley Toman playing the harp, Deborah Duhon playing the organ, Robin Daigle playing the trumpet and Yang Yang Li playing the violin, it surely sounded like “heaven’s orchestra” to us!

wedding harp, harp

The vows were traditional. My ring didn’t go all of the way on … these things happen. Luckily, I had prepared BC in case this would happen. 🙂

wedding vows, church wedding

Our priest also forgot to que us for the first kiss. Luckily, I know a “little” about weddings and made it happen.

first kiss, church wedding

Did I mention my musically-inclined mother had a solo at communion? She played The Prayer – que the tears. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the church. And, it just so happened that my MOH was holding my handkerchief. I made it…barely.


Our gift to each other was to have a live-artist paint the ceremony. We worked with Christopher Turner who was so wonderful to work with and created such a special piece that we’ll cherish forever.

Christopher Turner, Live Artist

Here’s the final canvas. Don’t you love?

Live Artist Wedding Painting

I know I’m biased, but could this picture of BC when he first saw me be any cuter? It’s one of my favorites, for sure.

groom at altar

And then, just like that, it was over — time to go to the reception.

wedding exit, church wedding

Well, not before we took a few last photos.


This is my favorite photo of us from after the wedding.


More to come soon!


Catherine Guidry

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