The Whipps : Erin + Charley

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On April 29, 2014, I met with Erin and Charley. Why am I making it a point to tell you the exact date? Hang in there.

They were recently engaged and wanting to get married in August. Of course, I assumed that meant August 2015. Wrong. 2014. My heart fluttered a bit but then they added that there wasn’t a specific day, just any day in August that I was available. I’m sorry! Did I just hear that correctly? Yes, they were willing to work around my availability for their wedding. Wedding planners heart made. We hit the ground running, and all of the pieces fell beautifully into place.

Although a bit [insert exaggeration here] humid, Erin + Charley tied the knot a few weeks ago at the ever-beautiful Rip Van Winkle Gardens. Erin and Charley were the most laid back and trusting clients. I’m certain Charley said the best thing a planner can hear. It went a little something like this, “Cooking dinner is more stressful than you’ve made today. Thank you so much!” :)

There are so many amazing and touching photos that Hannah Mulligan Photography captured that it has been an act of labor to choose my favorites. But, a girl’s gotta do what she needs to do.

Three-month start-to-finish wedding – Check! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

Erin and Charley  (47 of 1701)

Who doesn’t want to kick off the biggest day of their life with a good cigar and bottle of beer?

Erin and Charley  (623 of 1701)


Erin and Charley  (497 of 1701)

I’m obsessed with a navy suit and Root Floral’s bout is a beautiful contrast.

Erin and Charley  (413 of 1701)

Mr. and Mrs. Whipp. This is why first look’s are amazing!

Erin and Charley  (408 of 1701)

Mr. and Mrs. Whipp + Aubrey (who would prefer to be called Elsa)

Erin and Charley  (392 of 1701)

“Let it go … let it go …” Ok, ok. I’m done. How sweet is it that Charley got Aubrey a gift just like he did her mom?

Erin and Charley  (367 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (313 of 1701)    Erin and Charley  (202 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (123 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (620 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (117 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (114 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (107 of 1701)

This picture steals my heart. How gorgeous is Aubrey’s handmade dress? And, Erin’s dress simply could not be more beautiful. That lace!

Erin and Charley  (629 of 1701)

Erin and Charley  (84 of 1701)

Cheers to the Whipps!


Photographer: Hannah Mulligan Photography

Venue: Rip Van Winkle Gardens

Flowers: Root Floral Designs

DJ: Aaron Lane Entertainment

Dress: A’Nets Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Lauren Luquette at Bleu Coiffure

Hair: Genna Bradley at BE Salon

Catering: Abacus

Cakes: Katie Bakes


Val Marie Paper :: 2015 Collection

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When Val with Val Marie Paper asked for input before she began her 2015 fall collection, I – of course – made a suggestion that there be a new suite with dots. It’s not rocket science. I love dots. Many Southern Fete brides love dots.

I was not let down when she launched her 2015 collection yesterday – including TWO designs including dots. We love supporting local vendors – especially since she has Southern Fete roots. Below are a few of my favorites, but head on over to take a look at the full collection!


The colors of the Emmaline suite stole my heart. Blush + Navy = Be still my heart. I love the femininity of this suite and the simplicity of the design with the emphasis on the bride and groom’s names. The pattern is just lovely.


Now to the dots!



The Beatrice suite caught my eye before I even realized there were dots. I admitted it. I love the whimsy of the fonts and the overall simplicity with a splash of fun. I have a strong feeling there will be a Beatrice Southern Fete bride in the future!


I have to admit that Val gave me the tiniest little sneak peek of the collection by sending the Cecille suite a few weeks ago. While the dots are more noticeable than with the Beatrice suite, I just love it. Picture it in navy, blush, or – wait for it … gold – it takes on a whole new personality. Guests who receive this collection are sure to know it’ll be a party not easily forgotten!



Whether you love dots as much as we do or not, VMP’s twelve new designs balance simplicity with whimsy. Modern with a hint of traditional. Take a look and raise a glass (preferably The Good Life mason jar) to Val for launching her 2015 collection!



Fall Frenzy

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If you didn’t know it already, allow me to tell you just how much I love fall. Why do you ask?

  1. Pumpkins
  2. WHITE pumpkins (a completely different category than regular pumpkins, people!)
  3. Delicious smelling candles
  4. Crisp, cool air
  5. Boots
  6. The best color palate that exists
  7. Candy and Food
  8. Candy corn – not to be combined with the above category
  9. Gumbo and Soups – also not to be combined with no. 7
  10. WEDDING season

and who are we kidding

  • FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a wedding planner, the fall takes on a whole new meaning. Exhaustion. But, I’m choosing not to focus on that. I’m basking in the glory that is my Hayfield candle, the (fake) fall foliage promptly displayed around the house/office on September 1, and the thought of redecorating on both October and November 1.

You think I’m rambling? Not so fast.

The reason you need to know how much I love the fall is so you will be able to relive my excitement when Inkling Design Studio gave me a sneak peek of her fall and Halloween designs. How to choose a favorite – especially when there are so many have DOTS! Do yourself a favor and hop on over to peruse the designs. Then, find a notepad and start an invite list. Which party will you be hosting this fall?

Here are a few of my favorites!





Let’s raise our pumpkin spice lattes to a wonderful and bountiful Fall 2014!



A Bite of Heaven

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Fasten your seat belts and put on your imagination caps!

I have been looking forward to Heirloom Cuisine’s tasting ever since I received the invitation. This girl needs no excuse for a trip to Baton Rouge, but this one was really a treat.

I have not one single photo from this event. I’m not sure if it’s because I saw so many wonderful people or because the food knocked my socks off.

I have been dying to recap this tasting for you, so here it goes! (Disclaimer: I’m only including my VERY favorites. Otherwise, I’d eat my desk before this post is over!)

  • Fired Plaquemines Parish Oysters with Jalapeno-Caper Remoulade – I’m not typically an oyster girl. But, I take my job seriously and that means tasting everything so I can give an honest answer when clients ask me. This one, my friends, did not disappoint. It was smoking hot, perfectly fried with a delectable topping. I wouldn’t mind sneaking one or two off a passed tray at a Southern Fete event. :)
  • Boudin-Cakes with Balsamic Caramelized Onion Jam – To. Die. For. Any Southern guest would die over this one. Maybe I’ll sneak one or two of these too!
  • Pesto Risotto Cakes with Olive Tapenade – I loved this one for so many reasons. It was different than the typical Southern reception food. And, it was beyond delicious.
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon & Caramelized Onions with Gruyere Cheese in Phyllo – This was the best part of a loaded baked potato in a one-bite phyllo cup goodness.

Friends, that was just the passed hors d’Oeuvures.

  • Mango Curry Cream Cheese Terrine with Praline Pecan Glaze – I’ll be honest. My husband is the Indian-food-loving half of us. I don’t typically like curry, and so I almost passed this one up. Oh boy am I glad I didn’t. It may have been my most favorite item. Paired with homemade chips, it was the perfect blend of a curry-kick with the sweetness of the praline glaze. I would like one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Pretty please!
  • Chilled Orzo Salad with Roasted Corn, Shrimp, and Feta – I need this in my refrigerator weekly. So light and even more delicious. Let’s talk about this as your “pasta” reception dish. Your calorie-minded guests will love you forever and ever – and may throw in a little extra during your money dance. You can thank me later :)
  • Balsamic Vegetable Display – This. was. gorgeous not to mention really great. I only grabbed the asparagus and peppers, but I certainly think this would be a crowd pleaser.

Aside from my love for each dish, the attention to detail and presentation of Heirloom’s food is over the moon. They served a fresh and refreshing watermelon martini alongside the most delicious cucumber and mint infused water. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the spa. Anyone?

Let’s be honest. We (South Louisiana folks) take our food seriously, and almost all of my brides tell me that the reception food is one of the three most important aspects of their wedding. So, like I mentioned earlier, I take my tasting duties seriously, and I know my clients would not be let down by any of the above items.

Until next year’s tasting … :)


(Please note that these are my personal opinions of Heirloom Cuisine’s food based on the tasting I attended. I was not paid to write this blog post- only tempted by the invitation to attend the tasting. I’m happy to attend any tasting upon request :))


The Alexanders : Erin + Paul

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When I first met Erin, it was after the City Club at River Ranch bridal show. Erin was the winner of Southern Fete’s door prize, and I’m so thankful it happened that way. This past weekend, these two super sweet TIGERS tied the knot. It was a blast to see how this couple’s special day unfolded. Here are a few of my favorites!


Did you notice the most precious ring bearer yet? I couldn’t love Erin’s choice for her bridesmaids dresses any more, and this picture truly captures the spirit of their bridal party! So much fun!


First dance! :)


I could smell this cake from the other side of the room. I love this classic Kathleen Short cake … and so did everyone else because there wasn’t any left. Serving it with ice cream (at her dad’s request) was a home run!


Erin was so excited to surprise Paul with a groom’s cake with the logo of his radio station. Such a sweet idea!


At our final meeting with Brent, the photographer, Erin warned him of Paul’s classic move. I loved seeing it on film since I was at the back lining up “the crew.”


These girls had a blast with their cake pulls!


The Alexanders!


This picture was the last one taken of the night and is one of the sweetest in my opinion. Dr. and Mrs. Dawson were so sweet and the look on their faces is priceless. Three girls down the aisle – one to go! :)


Brent stopped me as I made my way to load the car with their presents. I felt like the wedding Santa Clause … or a present genie … it was the end of the night. Forgive me.

Erin and Paul – You were such a pleasure to work with. You both are so thoughtful and easy-going and certainly made my job a pleasure. I hope you’ll remember all of the wonderful memories of this day for a long time. May your Saturdays be filled with SEC football and may the LSU v. Auburn game only result in one outcome – a peaceful house divided! Enjoy Bora Bora and have a drink for me please! :)

Cheers and Geaux Tigers (you know which ones!)!


Photographer: Allen Breaux

Videographer: Acadiana Video Productions

Bridal Cake: Kathleen Short and Sweet

Groom’s Cake: Piece of Cake

Flowers: Flowers by Rodney

Church: Academy of the Sacred Heart Chapel

Reception: City Club at River Ranch

Band: Black Jacket

The Cheramies: Alex + Pat

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Honestly, I’m not even sure where to start. Alex + Pat have truly captured my heart, and I know this blog post will never be able to convey how special these two are to me or how amazing their wedding was. But, I’ll do my very best.

It all started YEARS ago when Alex was my intern at Mary Bird Perkins in Baton Rouge. I knew from the minute I interviewed her that she was amazing (I’ll take credit for her successes!). While our time together was brief as I left for grad school, thanks to Facebook we stayed in touch.

When Alex contacted me about her wedding, my heart was so excited. Of all of the planners in the New Orleans area she could have chosen, she chose Southern Fete. I remember her telling me it was because she could remember the ever-famous “Cassie color-coded spreadsheets.” Not much has changed. She wanted a coordinator who would be her “boots on the ground” and gosh-darned it, Mother Nature actually made me wear my polka dot rain boots on the day of the wedding.

Sharing this journey with Alex (and Pat of course) was one of the highlights of my career so far and has confirmed that I’m in the right spot. It pushed me to learn a new area (NOLA second-line permits, I’m speaking to you) and was a reminder of just how special my clients are to me.

When Alex sent me the link to her photo gallery (of which I would like to point out she sent to me prior to her husband), I could not have been more excited. There’s honestly not ONE photo that I don’t want for myself. But, for the sake of practicality, I will share my ten favorites below with a little extra commentary.


For me, there aren’t really words for this photo. I felt privileged to finally be able to meet Alex’s mom the weekend of the wedding and seeing the joy in her eyes when she saw Alex for the first time or put her veil on was priceless. There’s no doubt where Alex gets her kind heart and thoughtfulness from. One of my favorite memories is when I asked her mom if I could get her something to drink. In the kindest, most Southern drawl she asked if there was sweet tea. Hailing from Texas, I should have known that was her preference. She settled for a Diet Coke but with a smile on her face.


While there was plenty of work to be done the day of the wedding, I sneaked a few minutes in to hang out with all of these amazing ladies. We shared a half-eaten bag of chips from Jimmy Johns and a few peanut butter crackers from my emergency bag. Every single one is sweet as pie and were so overjoyed for Alex and Pat.


I think this one speaks for itself.


One of the best parts of working with Alex + Pat is that I knew they trusted me completely. Alex is a PR rockstar, and Pat is pretty important himself, so I was honored to help with all of the details to minimize the detail-overload that comes along with planning a wedding. I worked with Inkling Design Studio to create this program, which I am still in love with, and don’t think Collin could have done a better job of capturing it!


Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cheramie


Oh, Mother Nature. Rain threatened the whole wedding day but most importantly the second-line. When I visited Alex to ask her final decision on cancelling it or going for it, I silently prayed that she wouldn’t cancel it. Even if it was a deluge. I snuck out of church around communion to check on the weather, and would you believe the clouds had parted! You better believe we waved our hankies to the reception and recruited as many onlookers as possible. Take that one Mother Nature.


One of my favorite details of the wedding was the sign-in frame. I know it has to look gorgeous in the Pottery-Barn’esque Cheramie house.


The most beautiful cake with the most beautiful peonies.


Is this not the coolest cake?



And, introducing one of my most favorite photos of all time. If you know Alex, you will know that it wasn’t staged for her to put her head on Pat’s shoulder and that is why I adore this photo.

Alex truly warmed my heart when she sent me a few words about what she would tell other brides about Southern Fete:

“Cassie is undeniably the best there is. It is incredible how she is able to keep track of everything I threw at her and always made me feel like I was her one and only bride. I cannot say enough amazing things about this woman. She helped me through every single little detail and obstacle I dealt with for the many months leading up. On the day of my wedding, numerous people commented that I was way calmer than they ever expected me to be – and that’s 110% because of Cassie. I just knew she had it handled. We had talked through everything, we had gone through it all – and she had it covered. I was able to relax and completely enjoy my day with my family, friends and new husband because of her. I had numerous family members comment on how organized she was and professional. She kept us all on track and didn’t skip a beat. There were so many small detail-oriented things she did for me without even thinking – it’s just her nature. She is an incredible coordinator and woman.”

But the impact that I may have had on her and Pat is only 1/10000 of what they had on me.

I honestly wish you both nothing but the best and will be forever grateful that I was able to be a part of your amazing day. I am honored to forever be your “boots on the ground!”

Photographer: CR Photo

Videographer: Bride Film

Cakes: Royal Cakery

Flowers: Germean’s Flowers and Gifts

Church: St. Patrick’s

Reception: Tomas Bistro

DJ: Uncle Phil (Pat’s rockstar uncle)

Hair/Makeup: Bleu, A Blowdry  Bar

Transportation: Royal Coach

Second Line Band: Kinfolk

Programs: Inkling Design Studio