The Dupuises :: Claire + Mike

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I remember my first phone call with Claire like it was yesterday. Her photographer, Brandon O’Neal, asked her who would be her day-of contact and when she told him herself, he told her she needed a planner. I remember explaining what I did, and she kept saying, “Yes, I need that!” Her contract arrived in my mailbox [literally] the next day, and the rest is history.

Claire and I have similar personalities, so we hit it off from the beginning. I remember having lunch at Abacus to pick her menu, and it was like having lunch with a friend. She was so detailed and organized but equally as trusting and go-with-the-flow. Claire and Mike are my very first couple who met online! There must really be something to it, because I couldn’t imagine a better match for each of them!

63 Films did an outstanding job capturing the joy and happiness of their special day. I hope you has as much fun watching the video as I did!


Claire and Mike – Thank you so much for trusting me to be your “day-of” contact! I had the best time getting to you both of you and have so many fun memories from your wedding. One day, I need to see the go-pro video! ;)


Photographer :: Brandon O’Neal

Videographer :: 63 Films

Church :: St. Bernard

Reception :: Abacus

Hair / Makeup :: Beauty by Victoria

Transportation :: Washington Trolley

Cake :: Sky’s the Limit Cakes

Florals :: Spedales

Band :: Phat Hat

Bows and Arrows :: New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

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When I sat down to think and write my goals for Southern Fete in 2015, attending a floral workshop wasn’t on the list. But when Mia with Root Floral spread the word about a Bows and Arrows Flowers workshop in NOLA, it kept entering my mind. I remember talking to my mom about if I should go, and she thought I was crazy to even be debating it. I kept going back and forth, so one day I sent Mia a text that said “Doing it.” And, I did.

I sat behind a garbage truck on my way into the Quarter and kept asking myself, “Why did you do this? Seriously?” A few moments of self-doubt crept into my mind. I don’t want to be a florist, but as a planner I wear so many hats, this is inevitably one of them. I told Alicia that just the week before, I had to wire a hydrangea in the CENTER of a bridal bouquet back to life to make it through pictures. The struggle is real.

In the first few minutes of the workshop, I felt about as alive as that dying hydrangea, but I pulled it together. I may have been the only non-florist for that portion of the workshop, but I quickly reminded myself I had nothing to lose.

On the way home from NOLA, I kept looking over at my sweet arrangement buckled in the front seat. While I of course loved the way that it turned out, the little piece of self-doubt that I banished that day may have been all that I needed to accomplish!

I hope you enjoy looking through all of the lovely that I was lucky enough to be able to hack include into my arrangement!

Cheers to adventure and to Natalie for snapping these photos!


Coffee. Check. Cell Phone. Check. Sheers. Check. Tape Grid on Vessle. Fail.

Coffee still in play. Check. Alicia showing me how to crack open a rose. Check. Poor little thing. Anything for a beautiful picture! :)


The Kirkleys :: Jennifer + David

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Oh, what a sweet couple! Sweet as pie. Sweet as the four boxes of girl scout cookies in our pantry. Sweet as sweet tea. You name it. This is genuinely sweet! I remember Jennifer telling me the first time we met that she just couldn’t wait to get engaged and work with three vendors :: Southern Fete, Val Marie Paper, and Catherine Guidry. There’s no better feeling. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of all of us, we loved our time with the Kirkleys!
As usual, Catherine out did herself with the photos. Each time she sends me a gallery, it gets harder and harder to choose just a handful. But, I do my best! :)



Jen had Michelle with Styled. help her choose her bridesmaids jewelry. After the wedding, Jen told me how much each bridesmaid LOVED their jewelry and just how much she enjoyed working with Michelle. She had initially picked out different jewelry but with Michelle’s guidance was so much happier with the final selection! 135-JENNIFER_DAVID_WEDDING

These girls were so fun! It was contagious!



I loved the way Jen’s bouquet turned out! It’s so cheery and bright!



I mean really? How darn sweet. I LOVED all of the bridesmaids’ dresses! Although there was a bit of a dress hiccup, Roxanne with Blanc Bridal literally became a fairy godmother (as Jen coined her) and stayed on the phone with boutiques across the country until we had another dress. You’re a rock star Roxanne, and all of us can’t thank you enough!


Practice makes perfect! :) Get ready for the first look …







So, from the first time I meet with clients I delicately try to warn them that every wedding day has its bumps. Jen was so excited to gift David with the wooden box holding his card. Well, we have a box but no card. I’m happy to report that the card was finally found just this week but it made for a great picture and of course a great wedding story! :)


Mr. Jerry saved his most special words for Jen until right before she walked down.



Standing in the middle of St. Mary was SO worth it for these photos!


Seriously, is this not the GREATEST get away car ever? It belongs to David’s great uncle and was in the most impeccable shape. We all had so much fun looking at it!












ALL of the food, with the exception of the delectable goodness below, was gluten-free. Jen often attends wedding receptions and isn’t able to eat anything because of her allergy. It was important that she be able to enjoy her reception, so they worked closely with Hannah at Bibi’s Patisserie to create a gluten-free menu. Hannah even went the day before the wedding to completely sanitize the kitchen to ensure no cross-contamination with previous foods prepared in the kitchen. And can I just tell you how amazing the mac and cheese was!



Are you drooling?


Please note the small vase of flowers. Why don’t we have those in cars these days?


I can’t say enough about the band Jen and David chose. Compozitionz (with a z), from Jackson, was beyond good. There was not ONE person in the place that wasn’t shuffling their feet, humming a tune, or down right boogieing. From Proud Mary (you know this planner was in heaven) to Uptown Funk, their choreographed moves and high-energy was contagious. AH-MAZING!






And just like that the night was over. Jen and David, it was such a pleasure to be part of your wedding planning journey. Thank you for being so kind, thoughtful, and trusting. You are loved by so many, and your wedding was a testament to that. May you be blessed with an abundance of continued love and support and happy memories for many years to come.


Photographer :: Catherine Guidry

Band :: Compozitionz

Florist :: Flowers and More by Dean

Church :: Our Lady of Wisdom

Venue :: L’Eglise

Hair / Makeup :: Bleu Coiffure (Carly, Marae, Lauren)

Transportation :: Party Time Trolley

Bridesmaids Jewelry :: Styled. by Michelle Judice, Chole + Isabel

Catering :: Bibi’s Patisserie


The St. Blancs :: Anna + Blaise

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Mag Swag. Six Oaks. Charenton. I feel like this wedding needs it’s own crossword puzzle. Anyone up for it?

I remember the day Anna first met with me like it was yesterday. She skipped into my office, wearing something fabulous as usual, and promptly said “I’ll sign the contract.” Just like that. I decided since we knew each other from way back in children’s choir, she knew what she was getting into. She did. All she wanted was “someone that would handle her s***.” I was honored that she thought/knew I was the planner for her. Anna had a vision, and I was bound and determined to Get. It. Done.

The planning process was never short of laughs, crazy abbreviations, or silly hashtags. I’m sad that January 31, 2015, has come and gone but I know that the St. Blancs will always be friends and I’ll always be an honorary “Broussard sis.” There’s so much that I could say about this wedding, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

Here goes …


This front porch … and the simplicity of the color palette in these bouquets. Someone get me a rocking chair and a glass of sweet tea!


Introducing “mag swag!” Disclaimer :: No magnolia trees were hurt in the making of this wedding’s mag swag …



These girls have the kindest hearts, and I loved the few minutes I had with them during the day. They were all smiles and even played “police” when I charged them with keeping Anna in the hotel the morning of the wedding (so she couldn’t sneak a peak)!


This is why first looks are the bee’s knees!




I’m in LOVE with these cufflinks and Anna’s Chloe + Isabel ring!


Can’t say I’ve ever seen a bigger card! You win, Anna!


This picture, y’all. A man, his best friend, and his best friend for life (Anna, that is).



Can we talk about these oak trees? This bridal party?


Oh, and this tent! From the beginning, Anna knew what she wanted and it happened. A big thanks to Cristina at Event Rental for being the mastermind behind this incredible ivory drape! Swoon!





I really should end the blog here because these cakes were the very best cakes I’ve eaten. Can we take a moment? Blaise’s godmother poured all of her love into making these cakes, and every single guest loved her for it. Are you eating your screen yet? Because, you should!




I spy a fan-tabulus chandelier … oh and a pretend garter toss! :)


Where does this Go Pro video exist? Blaise’s look is priceless!



Back to the front porch, the mag swag, the oak trees, a fist pump, and a few parting words:

Charenton – I’m sorry I didn’t know you existed until Anna sat in my office and we looked it up on a map. You may be quiet but are filled with so much love. Thank you for welcoming this big-city (Lafayette is big city to Charenton, right?) girl with more love I could have ever expected!

Anna and Blaise – May you always remember just how magical January 31, 2015 was! I wish you only the very best! Thank you for trusting me with such a special day in your lives. I can’t wait to visit casa de St. Blanc once it’s ready!

Cheers to the St. Blancs!


Photographer :: Second Line Photography

Event Rentals :: Event Rental

Hair/Makeup :: Flawless Bride

Florist :: Root Floral + Bride’s Mom

Church :: Immaculate Conception Church

Reception :: Six Oaks (family property)

Food :: Stacy Landry Catering

Band :: Krossfyre

Bridesmaids’ jewelry (and bride’s gorgeous emerald ring) :: Chloe + Isabel, Styled. by Michelle Judice

The Batistes :: Alexis + Jarrett

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If I had to pick one word to describe Alexis and Jarrett’s wedding day, there’s no doubt it would be fabulous. Her dress is one of my favorites to date, their cake was a show stopper but not as much as their dance moves, and their family and friends had such a good time celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Batiste!

If you’re a need-to-see-it person, feast your eyes on the incredible images from Catherine Guidry!




Seriously. How gorgeous is this dress! Swoon!




I have to give a shout out to Alexis’ glam squad. A sheer look of panic graced Alexis’ face when I told her what time I thought hair and makeup needed to start (you can thank a day wedding) for everyone to be completed in time. These girls did an amazing job and got everyone out of the door ON TIME! This planner was forever happy and grateful!




Who doesn’t love this church? Especially at Christmastime!



Want to freak out your wedding planner? Just wait until the rehearsal to tell her you have a twin brother and then make her guess who is who! :)



I can’t love this picture more. Jarrett has the sweetest heart and was so excited for his big day!

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter weddingSouthern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding



Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding, Sweet Southern Ladies, Wedding Cake

This cake!!!!

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Remember those dance moves I mentioned?

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding



And a few Southern Fete action shots! :)

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Thank you for choosing Southern Fete to coordinate your big day! It was more fabulous than we could have imagined, and wish you as much happiness as your wedding cake brought to your guests (people stared all night!)!


Photographer :: Catherine Guidry

Caterer :: Glenda’s Creole Kitchen

Cakes :: Sweet Southern Ladies

Church :: St. John’s Cathedral

Reception :: Cade Community Center

Photo Booth :: FreezeFrame

Transportation :: Party Time Trolley

Bridal Gown :: Blanc Bridal


Southern Fete :: Things I’ve Learned Year 2

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Southern Fete, Catherine Gudiry Photography, St. John Cathedral, southern wedding, winter wedding

Catherine Guidry Photography


Erin and Geoffrey Photography

Year 2 … Did I really say that? How did that happen so fast? And wowza, what an incredible year! Before writing this post, I looked back at the things learned in year one. So many of those still ring true, but year two brought a new set of things I’ve learned.

  • Southern Fete Family – Never would I have imagined having such an amazing, loyal, energetic, talented (and the list goes on) family of clients. So many have become close friends who I’ve shared dinners, baby showers, house warming parties with and for that I could not be happier. I have been blown away by the number of thoughtful grooms who have taken the time to text or call the day after the wedding to thank me for making their wedding so stress-free and memorable. Equally amazing is the number of thoughtful gifts I’ve received and hand-written notes that I’ll cherish forever! Year two took me to family property on Spanish Lake, New Orleans, Grand Coteau, amazing family property in Ruston, Rip Van Winkle, the lawn of the Paul and Lulu Hilliard Art Museum, Breaux Bridge, Opelousas, Washington, and Charenton.
  • Tents – It seems that the past year was year of the tent wedding. There’s something so beautiful about an outdoor tent wedding, but equally as logistically challenging. I could write a novel about them – I think – but look back and realize some of my very favorite moments are the end results of tent weddings!
  • Proud Mary – It’s still one of my favorite wedding moments and year 2 has yielded amazing performance by Krossfyre, Mojeaux, Phat Hat, Stormy the Band, Louisiana Red, Compozitionz, and some I’m sure to be forgetting. I want to start filming pieces of each Proud Mary performance and look back in a year at how many I have. I may test how many of you actually read this by admitting that one of my sweet couples demanded I dance to Proud Mary with them and Krossfyre, which resulted in 4 minutes of ROLLING on stage with Mr. and Mrs. St. Blanc (more to come when I blog their wedding!).
  • Small Business Owner – Being a small business owner is surely not for the faint of heart! At the beginning of year 2, I launched the new website. It seems like the website and blog continually require energy that I rather spend picking linens, recommending vendors, or making itineraries. The Southern Fete brand is constantly evolving, and year 3 should yield some exciting changes. I’ve learned that my competitive self is better served turning those relationships into valuable assets. Coordinating close to 25 events in year two has taught me that while I “can” do it, I want to focus on quality not quantity.

There’s already so much that’s happening this year that makes me think year 3 will be unbelievable! I hope you’ll stick along with me for the ride – and plenty of gorgeous wedding photos along the way!


Traci and Jake-636

Hannah Mulligan Photography

Kushiyama Wedding 1373

Chris Deville Photography


Spindle Photography



Erin and Geoffrey Photography


Sarah Beth Photography