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Y’all …

I couldn’t be more excited that today’s Friday! This week has been a doozie for sure, and I’m so happy to put this week behind me.

Looking back, one event that occurred on Sunday should have foreshadowed the rest of the week. On my weekly grocery trip (this week to Target), I looked down only to notice the main stone of my engagement ring was GONE.

GONE I tell you. I still am not sure how I didn’t drop my coffee right then and there. My hands immediately began to shake and words weren’t coming out of my mouth. After stumbling to customer service to leave my name and number (for my own sake), I stumbled to my car and forced myself to breathe. The fact that it was insured was of NO comfort that that moment. Broken prong + no stone = bad, bad Sunday.

To make a very long and dramatic story short, I found my stone. I clearly had special someone watching over me. The amazing folks (Harvey and Carisa) at A-Bryans got me fixed up this week and looking like the first time I saw it.

… That was only the beginning of the week. But, I survived and am still standing. After one more prospective client meeting this afternoon (which always make my days better), I’ll be bidding this week farewell and not looking back.

So to my sweet brides and friends – please continue to have your ring checked and cleaned monthly. Don’t put it on until after you’re dressed, and please, please have it insured. I’m adding “don’t wear it to Target” to my list.


Cupcakes and Calligraphy

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I have always admired beautiful handwriting, even more so calligraphy. I love to follow calligraphers and hand-letterers on IG and – secretly – I knew I was going to be a decent one myself. I mean, how hard could it be?


While Saturday’s Cupcakes and Calligraphy class, hosted by Margaret of Proper Prints, was beautifully decorated in one of my most favorite local places, my calligraphy was anything but something a logical human being would pay for.

When looking through the amazing M Design Photography (not to worry. I’ve already booked her for all of my future children) photos from class, I decided the pics speak for themselves … with a little commentary a la Pioneer Woman.

Buckle Up.


This isn’t one of M Design Photography’s photos … It’s fuzzy and has the first filter I clicked on in IG. She wouldn’t approve.


See I told you the setup was precious.


Thank the heavens I sat next to Kim. Who knows what she said to make us all laugh, but I’m sure it was amazing. Class clown? Miss Congeniality? She wins.


Let me tell you what Margaret is thinking here: “Oh man, should I even stop to help her?”


The answer. Yes. Pull a seat Margaret. Make yourself at home. You’ll be here a while.


What? We should be practicing our snakes? Well, I broke my nib … and we’re only 15 minutes in.


And Rita, who has perfect hair. And calligraphy. And will be taking the next advanced class. She’s my friend.


All jokes aside, it was such a fun Saturday. I loved the group of girls in the inaugural Cupcakes and Calligraphy class, and I’m excited to have all of the tools I need to keep practicing. Patience isn’t one of my best virtues, and I think calligraphy will be the perfect activity to help teach me this.

I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun if it wasn’t for these ladies and pictures Michelle captured and shared.

And, practice makes perfect right? At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.


The Debaillons: Ailene + James

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I’m so excited to blog the Debaillon wedding! Ailene was one of the first brides I booked after buying Southern Fete. Having gone to high school together with Ailene and James, I knew from the beginning it was going to be such a fun ride.

When asked by a vendor to choose three words to describe their wedding, Ailene said “simple, elegant, and fun.” It certainly met these and many more.

Y’all…the church. There are no words for how beautiful the Cathedral is every day of the year but especially during the Christmas season. The picture below is by far my favorite from the wedding! And can we talk about the back of Ailene’s dress? Her custom Heidi Elnora gown from I Do in Baton Rouge was beyond gorgeous.



Crystal Weddings did a fabulous job on Ailene’s four tier combed butter cream cake, and the groom’s cake. There was a mad dash at one point to get a piece of each for Ailene and James before it was completely gone.


One of the main flowers used was the hydrangea. I love this picture and how it captures the elegance and simplicity that Ailene wanted for her wedding. As usual, Flowers by Rodney did not disappoint.



I was so excited for one of my brides to choose Val Marie Paper for her invitations. Ailene chose to customize the Ruby suite, and it was beyond beautiful. Katherine Holly created the below monogram for Ailene and James that they used for their programs, koozies, bar cups, and more!


Last, but not least, the ballroom. Cristina with Event Rentals helped to create the most amazing chandelier drape over the dance floor. I’m not sure if it was Krossfyre or the beautiful Maria Therese chandelier that got people to the dance floor, but does it really matter? :)


There were so many gorgeous pictures that it was hard to choose which ones to use. Their wedding video is also coming soon, so I’ll be sure to circle back once it’s complete!

Ailene and James’ day would have not been what it was without these amazing vendors who made my job a piece of cake!


Photographer: Jay Faugot

Ceremony: St. John’s Cathedral

Reception: Hilton Lafayette

Wedding and Groom’s Cake: Crystal Weddings

Music: Krossfyre

Flowers: Flowers by Rodney

Invitations + Programs: Val Marie Paper

Monogram: Katherine Holly

Transportation: Party Time Trolley and Esquire Limo

Videographer: Carriage Films


The Wedding Favor Conundrum

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When I saw this article pop up IG, it screamed to me that it needed to be blogged out. I get the “wedding favor” question almost weekly. My favorite way to answer is to ask:

What is the most memorable favor you’ve received from a wedding? How many wedding favors have you forgotten to pick up or thrown away once you get home?

And then … the lightbulb goes off. Brides either know at that very moment what they’ll “favor” or if they’ll forgo the individual favors.

As Southern gals, we know the value of a thank-you. We, of course, do not want to send our wedding guests home without that thank you. But, there’s a way to do favors well, and a way where you’re better off just saving your pennies.

Southern weddings aren’t usually small, so gifting custom luggage tags (and many of the other ideas included in the article) is near impossible. If you already plan to order personalized koozies (a Southern favorite) or stadium cups, remember that those can be considered your favors.

Regardless of the cost, gifting your guests with something meaningful and reflective of you as a couple is what’s most important.

When it’s all said and done, saying “Thank You” is what will be remembered and appreciated.


Southern Fete :: Things I Have Learned

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February 9 marked Southern Fete’s birthday. Thinking back, I couldn’t believe how quickly the year had passed. After inviting a group of vendors over to the Thibeaux house for a “Birthday Brunch,” I thought about all of the things I had learned over the past year. Some quirky, some funny, and some introspective. Regardless, I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Candles – There’s nothing better than the perfect candle to welcome new clients into the office and inspire creativity. So, imagine my fear when I found out that the two candles that had been with me the past year were no longer made. Sheer. Panic. But then I realized it was a sign to start this year fresh, with two new candles in tow.
  • Gold Foil – How did I not know before this past year that I love anything and everything with gold foil? One day friends, one day Southern Fete materials will be printed in gold foil.
  • Mistaken Identity – I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who don’t speak French; people who have never heard of the word “Fete.” Unknowingly, they call my business “Southern Feet” to which I cringe, but in the way only the most Southern Belle would do, I explain that Fete is French for party. :)
  • Confidence – Oh, the times doubt has crept into my mind. Double that and you have the times my competitive side reared its head. This past year has undoubtedly shown me that to be a successful business owner, there’s no time for doubt. It has also taught me that there’s more value in strategic partnerships (I haven’t left all of my past behind) rather than pure competitiveness. Perhaps the biggest lesson learned is that business is business. I’ve learned to not take things personally. This has been one of the biggest challenges. I came across this quote and have kept it close by when I needed the reminder. “Don’t take things personally. Most of the time, other people’s choices and attitudes have absolutely nothing to do with you. Unless you’ve been behaving like a jerk, in which case …”
  • Hugs – Those of you who know me know I’m not a hugger. But, brides like hugs. Mothers of the brides and grooms like hugs. Grandma Jo likes a hug. Everyone likes hugs … or so it seems. In the beginning, I told myself to suppress any visible sign of how much I didn’t like hugs. It was a start, but a hug tells all. Just like a handshake. I realized at the last event that I may have even initiated a hug or two. It’s a work in progress. :)

There’s more. There always is, but these are the highlights.

The Southern Fete family is growing, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll do my best not to jump to conclusions about next year’s lessons learned. Until then, hugs for everyone!


The Legendres: Ellie + Mitch

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Where to start?

When Ellie contacted me to assist with her wedding, I was thrilled. Ellie’s dad, Mr. Keefe, was my freshman religion teacher in high school, who was intimidating with his whiteboards filled with religious stick figures and green pen (which marked green weenies – things you definitely didn’t want) but was lovable at the same time. After having a moment of nostalgia, I was elated to be a part of this big day.

As an art teacher herself, Ellie knew exactly what she wanted her day to look like and worked with friends and family on DIY’s for a majority of the wedding and reception. I’ll never know how she found the time to get it all done (i.e. stain wooden table centerpieces, dip dye tablecloths, sketch her dress, make a chalkboard bar sign, wrap yarn around a collection of bottles for the table centerpieces, create a Star Wars themed DIY photo booth, have her brothers hand craft a wooden bench for the church … and I’m not even including everything), but all of it came together to make a perfect representation of who they are as a couple. Mitch even ordered biodegradable plates, napkins, and utensils as well as providing the bartenders with recyclable bags for the glasses and bottles. Believe me, there was no idea left undeveloped.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the “talking…”










Photographer: Catherine Guidry

Bridal Hangout: Buchanan Lofts

Ceremony: Our Lady of Wisdom

Reception: Jeanmard Hall

Catering: Chef Bobby + Dot

Wedding Cake: Kathleen Short

Groom’s Cake: Katie Bakes

Bride’s Hair: Genna Bradly (Be. Salon)

Music: GTO

Flowers: Rouses